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Amelie 10-09-2011 02:42 AM

Shock Replacement Question
So most people looking on this forum can probably come to the conclusion that most owners on here prefer Bilstein. I'm getting ready to replace my front and rear shocks and I'm thinking of going with the Bilsteins.

So what series should I get? 4600 or 5100? I would imagine the 5100 would be superior.

GrandHero 10-09-2011 10:03 AM

I'm looking to up grade/change the shocks on my jeep as well. (2000 wj). I was looking at the Bilsteins. I currently have KYB's on and I like them. How ever they been on for 6+ years and showing signs for replacement. Another brand of shocks and the ones I chose to go with are Koni's. Yes they are expensive. The reason I chose these they will work on lowered jeeps. Bilsteins will not. Plus they are adjustable (5 settings). Hope this helps.

StephenE 10-09-2011 10:56 AM

Re: Shock Replacement Question
The Bilstein 4600 series are for a Jeep that is not lifted. The Bilstein 5100 series are for a lifted Jeep and come in many differnt versions for specific lift ranges.

Amelie 10-09-2011 11:30 AM

Re: Shock Replacement Question
@StephenE: Thanks for the response, So 5100 can't be used on non-lifted Jeeps? How is the ride quality with the 4600?

StephenE 10-09-2011 02:18 PM

Re: Shock Replacement Question
Yeah, the 51xx shocks are for 1.5"-2" lift minimum. The 4600 shocks are definetly worth the $. I paid $271 for all 4. I would also recommend using JKS bar pin eliminastors on the lower front shocks (you will have to press out the existing bar pins on the shocks carefully).

Amelie 10-09-2011 03:37 PM

Re: Shock Replacement Question
Why the JKS bar pin eliminators?

StephenE 10-09-2011 04:15 PM

Re: Shock Replacement Question
They preload the shock bushing and eliminate any potential bushing noise.

Amelie 10-10-2011 10:13 AM

Re: Shock Replacement Question
Sounds good, Any other suggestions other than Bilsteins?

01grand 10-10-2011 11:03 AM

Re: Shock Replacement Question
No, go with Bilsteins! I definitely love the way they feel on the Jeep, less bounce, good solid ride.

Notes for install, on the rears the nuts are welded to the mounts, the bolts should come out pretty easy, especially with a shot of PB blaster or something similar to help loosen any rust. The top bolt of the fronts can be tricky as the shaft will spin, but a good get of vicegrips should hold it while crancking on the top nut.

Amelie 10-10-2011 11:12 AM

Re: Shock Replacement Question
Sounds good....By the way are all Bilstein's considered HD?

StephenE 10-10-2011 11:38 AM

Re: Shock Replacement Question
The 4600 series for Jeep vehicles are HD.
Bilstein B6 Heavy Duty gas pressure shocks and struts are the ideal choice for most vehicles, including full-size sedans, SUVs and trucks.
These shocks provide improved handling and stability, without sacrificing ride comfort. They offer super damping ability that makes them
ideal for the driver who demands superior performance, while maintaining an exceptional street ride. (Painted Finish)

The 5100 series shocks are not identified by HD, but more on the series number (5125, 5160, etc):
Bilstein 5100 Series Shock Absorbers are high gas pressure monotube shocks designed specifically for lifted pickups, SUVs and Jeeps. The
shocks feature a 46mm digressive piston with self-adjusting deflective disc valving. They offer super damping ability that makes them ideal for
heavy hauling or occasional off-road use, while maintaining an exceptional street ride. (zinc-plated steel body, Triple-C-Technology® coating)
Bilstein 5160 Series Stock Mount Remote Reservoir Shocks are direct-fit to each specific vehicle application, avoiding the fabrication generally
associated with being able to run a high performance reservoir shock. The monotube shocks feature a 46mm digressive piston with selfadjusting
deflective disc valving. Benefits of the reservoir include increased cooling capacity and increased shock travel. (zinc-plated steel
body, Triple-C-Technology® coating)

They also have Touring Class (TC), Comfort (C) and Sport (SP), but I think they are for luxury and/or sports car type vehicles:
Bilstein B4 Touring Class gas pressure shocks and struts are designed to be the economical choice for maintaining the original equipment
ride performance while incorporating Bilstein’s world-famous durability and precise construction. (Painted Finish)
Bilstein B6 Comfort gas pressure shocks and struts are for the driver who wants maximum ride comfort, with the virtual elimination of
“bottoming out” and vehicle sway. These shocks generally maintain and, in many cases, enhance a vehicle’s original ride qualities while
increasing road-handling and overall stability. (Painted Finish)

Bilstein B8 Sport shocks and struts deliver absolute mastery of the road surface for the performance-minded driver. Designed to push a car’s
suspension to its performance peak, these shocks are specifically suited for use with special lowering springs in combination with anti-sway
bars or other suspension upgrades. (Painted Finish)

All information is available here:

Amelie 10-10-2011 11:45 AM

Re: Shock Replacement Question
Thanks for the details, I appreciate it.

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