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oldgeezer 10-11-2011 06:36 PM

Symptoms of a failing/failed catalytic converter?
WK 2005 stock 5.7 Jeep with 78K miles. My son, who has much better hearing than myself, "claims" that he can hear "sputtering" coming from the exhaust when going up a steep incline hill. Vehicle is new to me, and just want to know if there is any effective way to determine if the converter is nearing "toast"? If so, is there such a thing as a "performance" converter, or go with what is available for the Jeep? Thanks for any help.

GrandHero 10-11-2011 07:01 PM

How many miles are on it? You may have a bad air sensor on the down side of the cat. Is it throwing any codes?

oldgeezer 10-11-2011 07:09 PM

Re: Symptoms of a failing/failed catalytic converter?
Hello. 78K miles as stated. No codes being thrown yet. Thanks for your response. I had a cat fail, years back, and the result was poor performance and finally a "No start" due to the complete collapse. My wife drives the vehicle,99 "percent" of the time, so I am doing my "do dilligance" and trying to possibly prevent a "down the road" major problem.

2005JGC 10-13-2011 01:29 AM

Re: Symptoms of a failing/failed catalytic converter?
Eh, the catalitic converters are monitored via downstream O2 sensors, I would not worry about it.

The exhaust pipe to manifold joint be-LOWS, even with tight hardware on the manifold and collector it can give a bit of a sputtery, ticky, exhaust leakie sound.

Mostly a problem on the 4.7l but chrysler has had issues with exhaust hardware (specifically the back to bolt/studs on each manifold). I believe the 10' 1500 hemi Rams there was a recall that involved removing and replacing the back 2 bolts on each head with stronger stainless bolts because of broken bolts.

jjslips 10-14-2011 05:04 PM

Re: Symptoms of a failing/failed catalytic converter?
I am actually having this same problem but on a 2008 3.7 sounds like it is coming from the drivers side

GratefulDeadWK 10-24-2011 08:56 AM

Re: Symptoms of a failing/failed catalytic converter?
If you convertor is going bad you will notice that your engine has a hard time revving out, almost like its hitting a limiter.

soontobesrt 11-02-2011 11:01 AM

Re: Symptoms of a failing/failed catalytic converter?
Yea if cat gets clogged which can happen from running too rich you will notice a significant power loss but thats odd on any vehicle w/ 02 sensors because it will constantly correct itself to run at an optimal A/F ratio so that's unlikely. Check MPG as well theyll drop a good bit to point you'll notice it. Clogged cat is like governor on an old minibike, limits rpm and overall performance.

It could also become burnt out from running too hot which could occur from worn plugs leading to a rich condition. Too much fuel entering will cause the inside of substrate to melt and in turn block it off causing same problems as above. So usually running rich is the main cause of failed (clogged/burnt out) cat in one form or another.

Also check outer shell, if it looks super burnt and scorched could be good sign its toast. And of course physical damage form an accident or something or extreme temps could cause it to warp and crack. If you live in Antarctica it could be an issue but even the its pretty unlikely.

Hope that helps, id say your cat is probably fine though as usually they go for the life of the vehicle w/o needing a change. There are aftermarket options available of course, reg flow all the way up to high flow stuff for 1000+hp applications

jjslips 11-03-2011 04:55 PM

Re: Symptoms of a failing/failed catalytic converter?
Well I know my cats are fine I was just wondering if anyone knew where this exhaust leak is coming from .

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