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ChrisWk 10-12-2011 02:30 PM

Tire Pressure Calculator
Hello I found this calcutor on tire pressure with all us or most of us going with bigger tires and wheels on our jeeps. I think we all may be putting in to little tire pressure in the larger tire size, The oem tire pressure is for stock tires from the factory. So with is calculator tells what to put in all size tires. I put in my max pressure of 51psi I should be putting in about 41lbs not the oem 33lbs. I will let you guys take a look at what is best for you. Go to This site also got good tips on saving gas.



suzieque 10-12-2011 02:53 PM

Re: Tire Pressure Calculator
I usually run 10% more than the "door sticker" in the rear, and 5% more than the "door sticker" in the front - I'm curious now as to what the max pressure says on the tire (though they are stock tires)!

ChrisWk 10-12-2011 03:25 PM

Re: Tire Pressure Calculator

Originally Posted by suzieque (Post 497973)
I usually run 10% more than the "door sticker" in the rear, and 5% more than the "door sticker" in the front - I'm curious now as to what the max pressure says on the tire (though they are stock tires)!

Well the stock goodyear tire on my jeep 17 inch with wheels max psi is 44 and the door psi is 33psi

oldgeezer 10-27-2011 07:05 PM

Re: Tire Pressure Calculator
Exactly as yours also with GoodYear Sr-A tires. I have learned on this site that tire pressure can "expand" an additional 6 PSI based on temperature,etc. so the dealer interestingly set mine at 35 PSI(cold) when I replaced all four tires on my new to me 2005 Limited. As an aside, I have had "great" luck with the SR-A Whitewalls with 102+K miles on my other 2002 SE Grand Cherokee and still counting with significant tread left. Interesting info about the "calculator". Thanks for sharing.

jadatis 12-12-2011 05:54 AM

Re: Tire Pressure Calculator
Came to this topic , searching with google for tire-pressure-calculator.
Dont have a jeep, so wont introduce myself in a seperate topic.
In 2007 I got hold of the formula, the European tyre-makers use , to determine the advice-pressures for radial tires for cars, and worked it out.
Learned myself Excell to make spreadsheets for it.
After I declared this formula holy, I translated a few from Dutch to English to go worldwide with this official formula.
Found out by reactions , that this formula was not that holy as I thougt, and found an article of an American, with a new one , and comparison with the old one. Also found out that in America a wrong formula was used before 2006 and still is wrong for C-load and up.
Constructed my own formula, wich is a combination of the old and new.

So I made my own calculator, wich could lead to verry low pressures for Jeeps with their oversised tires. Already read something about the Jeep-desease ( walking kidneys).
This link leads to my public map of skydrive with 2nd from bottom a spreadsheet wich can be used best for this site, and where you also can play with the temperature , to see what it does to the pressure. It workes still with the European formula.
But there is much more.
To use a spreadsheet , click on the line , but not on the name of it, then in the right barr info. Click there on download. After Downloading, and eventual viruscheck, open it in Excell or compatible to use it.
If you press wrong, it will be opened in the browser, but it gives notice that it cant handle it because of things I used in the spreadsheets.
Then press skydrive at the top to go back and try again.

This calculator is better then the miles gallon one, because it uses the offially used formula.
In the map "all about tire-pressure" expirimental spreadsheets, also myownformula 2nd from bottom , wich can be used in the browser, and explains my universal formula and where you can make your own list , like the tire-makers give with different formula's.
You can navigate my map like in a forum.

Succes and ask me if you want to know more

Greatings fromm Holland

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