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Blueflame1979 10-13-2011 12:20 AM

How easy is it to change the power steering fluid
So Im getting prepared for the winter months here in New York City, and I was checking all the fluids the other day and noticed that the power steeering fluid was a grayish color. If Im correct it's time to change it, but I think it's a minor Job and I should be able to do it on own, on the street. The only problem I don't know howto go about it. I have read that using a turkey Baster and take out all the fluid from the resoivor then refreshing it withfresh fluid works. I'm aware that If I do this there is still contaminated fluid inside somewhere, but Id figure if I do this a few times Is be able to get the fluid up to par. Another thing is which power steering fluid, I don't want to put the wrong one and mess my steering system up. Manual says Mopar hydraulic power steering fluid, but at 20 bucks a quart it's a little expensive. I wanted to know if there is another fluid equivant to the mopar recommended. I have heard of amsoil synthetic, but they don't sell it where I live, maybe other brands, or should I just stick it Mopar? What do you guys think?

misfit77 10-13-2011 12:40 AM

Re: How easy is it to change the power steering fluid
On my other cars, I would remove some fluid while engine is not running and replace with fresh. start the car and allow it to mix. Turn off engine and repeat a few times. trying my best to not remove so much that air would get in the system.

To bleed the air I would leave the cap off and turn my wheels with the engine running from stop to stop.

I wouldn't doubt that somehow jeep made their cars different and more difficult.

anyone know of Royal Purple will work?

paroxysym 10-13-2011 06:29 AM

Re: How easy is it to change the power steering fluid
oh my wrangler id get a turkey baster and suck what i could out of the reservoir. then replace with fresh fluid, turn the wheel back and forth to get the air out and replace the cap. with the baster you get 80-90% of it out. that reminds me, i may want to look at mine.

mrtosh 10-13-2011 11:08 AM

Re: How easy is it to change the power steering fluid
Lots of ways to go about this. The turkey baster method only gets primarily the reservoir and not what's in the lines. Even after you start it your only mixing the new and old fluid. Looks like you have the 4.7 so you should have a PS cooler. You can pull the return line off the cooler, drain the reservoir,and then hook some 3/8" hose to the open cooler line and either A: turn the engine on and make sure the hose from the cooler is in a bucket and you have someone filling the reservoir and flush that way till clean. Option B: is same as above but with the engine off and tires in the air have someone turn the wheel lock to lock and it will push the fluid through the line, rack, cooler, and finally your bucket. Do either option until its comes out nice and clean.

As far as bleeding the PS system it depends if you have the hydraulic cooling fan setup or not. I know the '04 WJ 4.7and my '05 5.7 both do. If you do have the hydraulic cooling fan, flush the system, leave the cap off and turn the wheel lock to lock 20 times with the engine off. Turn the engine on, let it get to temp and turn the AC on. This forces the hydraulic fan to engage. FSM states to use a DRBII or Starscan tool to acyivate the fan but its not necessary. If you have a electric fan setup or viscous, just turn the wheel lock o lock 20x and then start the engine and turn lock to lock a couple times watching the reservoir level.

Here's a pic of the return line that will drain the reservoir and the fitting on the cooler where it goes and where you would put the 3/8" line for bleeding

mrtosh 10-13-2011 11:24 AM

Re: How easy is it to change the power steering fluid
Also if you do have the hydraulic fan setup its a special hydraulic fluid and not ATF. Make sure you get it through the dealer.

Blueflame1979 10-13-2011 12:19 PM

Re: How easy is it to change the power steering fluid
Thanx everyone especially MrTosh for the detailing the right way to do it. I wanted somewhat of a cheat method that's why the turkey baster method caught my attention. I'm limited on resources right now, I was only able to get 1quart of Power steering fluid from the Dealer, I already had a turkey Baster, So I did it that way. My steering system hasn't given me any problems but I just wanted something to cover it for the meantime until Im able to do it the right way. The fluid looked similar to the one you posted in the pic, But I know, I know,nothing beats flushing the system.

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