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SUMMITgirl 10-23-2011 12:07 AM

The new tires are on!
So I have a new update for everyone. I finally bit the bullet and put new tires on my Jeep, I actually got them put on yesterday butÖ I typed everything up on the forum, went to start adding my pictures to the post and my computer acted up and I lost everything! GRRRR!!! So this time I am putting it on Microsoft word and then transferring it to Jeepgarage just in case. Alright back to the subject.
If anyone read my other post about 275/55R/20 Still Confused, they would have seen that I was looking at a few different tires. Well I ended up going with the Cooper Zeon LTZ. Why, well they get really good reviews online which was a plus and also a friend that I was talking to recommended them to me. Looking online and seeing them in person, they look like the Nitto Terra Grapplers, but have a different name of course and get better tread life (hopefully) Nothing against the Nitto Terra Grapplers, but I have heard that they tread life isnít that good on them. A few of the other tires that I was looking at were the Hankook ATM RF10ís those really caught my eye, and if it hadnít been for a last minute ok lets go for the Coopers, I would have purchased the Hankooks! The Nokian Vativaís, the oneís that are pictured in my last post were ok, but Johnsonís Tire Shop was the only shop that carried those tires here, and I didnít really want to be a guinea pig with my Jeep running those tires that arenít real well known. They may be a good tire, but Iím not going to be the one to find out. I do have to say that the Coopers are the widest tire that you are going to get on a Jeep with Quadralift and 20Ē wheels, unless you get a spacer. The room between the stud/bolt on the A arm and the tire is TIGHT! So tight that I almost didnít purchase these tires! Now before I payed the dealership the money, we went on a test drive with these tires and made sure they didnít rub that stud/bolt. I ran the Jeep over a bumpy area on a side road including going over railroad tracks along with running up on the curb by the dealership with a friend of mine looking at the tire and A arm making sure that it didnít touch, which it didnít. I will be keeping an eye on the room between the tire and the A arm only because it is still bothering me. L Other than that, nothing else rubs or even touches! Turning hard right or hard left it doesnít matter. Now as far as noise or ride comfort goes these tires are pretty good. They do have a more aggressive tread over the stock tires, so of course they are going to be noisier, but you donít hear it that much. You could say it sounds like a humming noise from these tires running on the road. I havenít run on the highway yet so I couldnít tell you how they do or feel. (I need to though!) :P One of the biggest things I noticed was how these tires made the Jeep feel heavier, if that makes since. Not a bad heavy, but you know that the tires are on there. Also braking, I would say that it takes more for the Jeep to stop with these tires on there. The dealership really did a good job! Yes I did go through the dealership, crazy? Not at all! They actually price matched these tires for me with a price from a different shop that was the cheapest I found in town! The service guy I dealt with also told me that they will warranty any work on the Jeep even with these tires on and I am also getting the Tire Protection Plan. I do have to give the dealership kudos for this one!
Hopefully this will help someone else out that is debating on whether or not to get bigger tires. I have only had these on since Friday, so I couldnít tell you how they do in the snow or rain. ButÖ we are going to be getting snow soon up here in Alaska, so when we do I will let you know how good they handle! Ok, ok, ok I am sure some of you are chomping at the bit to see the pictures so here you go:

First picture is with the Jeep all the way down at park height, no rub!

Still sitting at park height just a closer picture of the tire:

Here she is sitting at normal ride height (where I drive the Jeep 99% of the time):

Again another pic at normal ride height, just a closer pic of the tire and the space there is between the wheel well and the tire:

Now this is what scares me, how close that bolt/stud is to the tire :O But it doesn't rub (I just wanted to show you how close it really is):

Here is the drivers side tire turned hard right, it may look like the tire touches, but it doesn't! There is lots of room in there (bad picture sorry)

Different view looking up at the A arm:

This pic is with the Jeep at ride height level 2 (the middle ride height)

And then the Jeep at ride height level 3 (aka the highest it can go) :)

Here is a butt picture :)

And a front end picture. The tires may look like they stick out of the wheel well, but they don't, that much if any at all. This is just a bad view/pic.

And last pic, just thought I'd show off my Jeep to the mini school buses parked near my apartment :) And its a good view of the tires. :)

Eventually I will try and get better pictures when the sun decides to come out! And when I clean up the Jeep and the new tires. I am still feeling out these tires, but so far so good! I can say that I like them so far!

cloud11244 10-23-2011 06:14 AM

Re: The new tires are on!
Nice looking tires! Good luck with them. Would be interested to know how the noise is at highway speeds. The fifth picture with the closeness to the bolt does look scary. I wonder if any tires with the same size but different tread designs may actually cause rubbing because of the surface tread design?

Terminator2 10-23-2011 08:50 AM

Re: The new tires are on!
Wow if that tread design was a little different or that tire was just a couple tenths of an inch taller it would hit that bolt for sure. I wonder how close all the guys with the 275/65/18s on the stock or Mopar 18s are to that bolt? IMHO Jeep should have run a lower offset wheel like instead of the +56 stock offset they should have run a +30 to + 35 offset as it would have made for more clearance at the control arm, it also would have given a wider more stable track width and a more aggressive look as well.

moosehead 10-23-2011 09:00 AM

Re: The new tires are on!
Nice butt Alaska! Looks great with the bigger rubber. Some others may have cut that bolt down a bit when doing similar tire setups, a search may give you some background.

I had a set of Coopers on a Touareg that lasted 45k miles in deep snow, trail, and highway, great all rounders at decent pricing.

AAAA 10-23-2011 09:44 AM

Re: The new tires are on!
Looks great. Coopers are well regarded tires. My concern with the larger tire is the build up of ice and snow in the wheel wells. I noticed quite a lot of it last winter.

Scottina06 10-23-2011 12:58 PM

Re: The new tires are on!
looks mean in that front on shot! Congrats!

SUMMITgirl 10-23-2011 01:47 PM

Re: The new tires are on!
I would like to see other people's pictures with bigger tires and see how close that stud is to their tire tread. It's got to be close!

This is what I was worried about! I know most 275/55R/20's are the same size, but this one proves that all tire's aren't the same size. The Nokian Vativa's had almost a finger width between the tire and the stud, and also I guess those tires (Nokian's) were a little taller, because at full turn right, the front of the tire would just barely rub the felt liner in the wheel well. But these Coopers don't touch at all! We will see when the winter hits up here how the snow does inside the wheel well... I will keep you all updated ;)

Terminator2 10-24-2011 08:59 AM

Re: The new tires are on!

Originally Posted by moosehead (Post 502668)
Nice butt Alaska! Looks great with the bigger rubber. Some others may have cut that bolt down a bit when doing similar tire setups, a search may give you some background.

I had a set of Coopers on a Touareg that lasted 45k miles in deep snow, trail, and highway, great all rounders at decent pricing.

Not much length can be cut off that bolt it appears. Also if the tire was lets say a 285/55/20 it could hit both the end of the bolt and possibly the nut itself. IMHO +56 offset wheel is just too positive on the WK2 Jeep should have used a +30 to +40 at the most.

JeepGuy026 10-26-2011 08:45 AM

Re: The new tires are on!
Looks so Mean and aggressive i like it, i was looking at the Cooper Tires as well but the AT/3 Discovery, same size i had a set put on my moms Little Ford Escape and they look awesome and ride great. All in all I really wanted the Bridgestone Dueler Revo2's but they are on national back order for some strange reason. :-(

bbjrhome 10-26-2011 06:03 PM

Re: The new tires are on!
Nice pics, I like the rear end view, duals, nice contour on the backside and great view of the tire tread.

Darby Crash 10-26-2011 06:16 PM

Re: The new tires are on!
They look sweet as hell! very beefy bro!

ihatecats78 01-06-2012 06:15 PM

Re: The new tires are on!
I just ordered a set of these, but they won't be here for a few days. Any issues with rubbing in park mode?

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