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roddaz 10-23-2011 11:14 AM

Fire extinguisher Bracket.
Is there a part no for a fire extinguisher bracket to locate a fire extinguisher in the WK,and a reccommended location in the WK? I know this is more an offroad orientated question but all my previous vehicles have had Extinguishers fitted.

SvenskaJeepGuy 10-23-2011 01:13 PM

Re: Fire extinguisher Bracket.

Crestwood1001 10-23-2011 03:13 PM

Re: Fire extinguisher Bracket.
Make sure your getting the right type of extinguisher when you get these, you want a dry chem. can for vehicle fires

danokra 03-22-2013 12:47 AM

Re: Fire extinguisher Bracket.
I put an extinguisher is the right reaar webbing indent holder. I used a bungie cord to give it added security. This is not the best place to put it but until I figure a better non destructive mounting bracket location it will do.

Ronsse610 03-23-2013 07:12 AM

Re: Fire extinguisher Bracket.
this may sound stupid but, what do you need a extinguisher in your vehicle for?!

danokra 03-23-2013 07:27 AM

Re: Fire extinguisher Bracket.
You need the extinguisher in your vehicle for the poor driver who's vehicle caught fire on the side of the highway. Hopefully you will never need it to put out a fire in your own rig. As an ex boy scout many years ago I sill remember the motto, "Be Prepared". :)

Ronsse610 03-23-2013 07:31 AM

Re: Fire extinguisher Bracket.
i was gonna say, the probability of my jeep catching fire seems very slim! but as to help someone on side of road! who knows! thats true

Theogriff15 03-28-2013 09:53 PM

Re: Fire extinguisher Bracket.
You can easily use a couple of quickfist clamps to mount one. I have a maglite mounted on the panel that sits right below the left rear window, very clean looking and secure. I plan on adding a fire extinguisher to the right side at some point using some quickfists as well.

EtherealPonx 04-27-2013 11:14 AM

Truck came with extinguisher installed by dealer, underneath passenger seat. They mounted a bracket that uses the seat bolts there ...

danokra 04-27-2013 12:11 PM

Re: Fire extinguisher Bracket.
You said "truck" came from dealer. Do you mean a Grand Cherokee or some other truck. If its a jeep G.C. does it get in the way of the passenger's feet ? Thanks in advance.

EtherealPonx 04-27-2013 01:15 PM

"Truck" as in JGC Overland WK 2009. Its kinda tucked in beneath the seat but if you move the passenger seat back then the extinguisher becomes 'exposed' bracket brace does sometimes catch on wife's heels :/ . My qife is shorter than me so moves seat forwards:)

Having said that its not a large extinguisher Worth the inconvenience knowing extra safety measures. I think by law here in the UAE all new cars must be fitted with them as standard.

Can take some pics for you tomorrow if required.

danokra 04-27-2013 05:44 PM

Re: Fire extinguisher Bracket.
Wow, I wonder how hard it is to get parts, service, etc. in the UAE. What do you do for a living there. Some time ago I had an invitation to work for an oil company in Saudi Arabia. After looking in to the living restrictions I opted to not go.

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