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NetJunkie 10-25-2011 06:12 PM

Miss my GC. Been in the shop a week...
Miss my Jeep! I took it in last Tuesday. Problem started with a check engine light. Had the code pulled and it looked like the tstat was stuck open. Then a few days later the Service 4WD/TC/ETC lights started coming on..then they'd come on whenever I started the GC up from cold. Restart it and they'd go out.

Dealer said the lights were a software problem and flashed the system...I went to pick it up, cranked it from cold..and there they were again. Talked to them today and they basically said they had no idea what it was so they got Chrysler involved and they think they've pinpointed it to a cooling temp sensor that was defective and leaking. Really not sure how that explains the other lights but I guess we'll see...

Populuo 10-26-2011 04:01 PM

Re: Miss my GC. Been in the shop a week...
men, that suck.... i hope in my country (costa rica) can flashed the system.... my GC have a power folding mirror...when stop the engine,folder the mirrors and the common sense when start the engine the mirrors automatically unfolder...but it no happen...and sometimes it does automatically unfolder....very rare

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