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bromhead 10-26-2011 02:37 PM

initial off road impressions
I finally took my new Jeep our for some off roading this weekend and came away with a few first impressions.

By the way, i swapped out the worthless Latitude Tours before the trip for GY Wrangler Silent Armors. Very happy with them. I am a fan of BFG AT's, but i didn't want to have to replace the 5th tire as i would need to go to a 65 profile, and i heard the GY's were a bit better on the freeway. So far, no complaints.

Overall, i was very happy. She is a traction king, while other vehicles in our convoy (all modified vehicles: Toyota FJ, 1996 Grand Cherokee and a mid 90's Chevy 4x4 truck) slipped and slided up the more difficult hills, the WK2 just slowly and uneventfully climbed the hill. No slipping, no drama...very impressive. The ground clearance was great, and the approach and departure angle was better than expected. The hill decent assist functions amazing well...almost too was effortless and almost took the fun out of it! She had gobs of power and torque and for the most part was better than i expected.

The one thing that was a bit of a disappointment was the ride..although in hindsight, i should have expected this. I have the QL with several height settings. The base setting is fine, she soaks ups the bumps and ruts fine. On the first setting, the ride is acceptable. The shocks top out a few times, but for the most part, not an issue. The 2nd setting is the problem. Am i correct in assuming that you take away from the suspension travel in order to raise the vehicle 2.6 inches (please explain if i am wrong)? The result is there is not much travel at this setting and you top out the shocks way too frequently. The ride is horrible, and unless you are moving very slowly, with hardly any play on the suspension, its a painful ride. Now, one may say that this shouldn't be an issue, you should be driving very slowly if you need that sort of ground clearance anyway... but i thought i was, and it was still a tough ride. I eventually got used to it...i would keep the car on the +1 height most of the time, and then, for only very short and necessary times, switch to +2, but it was a bit of a learning curve. You really only want to use it when you have to.

I realize now that there is no free lunch. You get a much better on road ride than a traditional lifted vehicle with the QL system, but when you are off road, you have to pick your shots. If i lived in the country, and drove off road substantially more than i do now, i am not sure the QL would be the right way to go. For me, it is still the right choice, its just a bit of a learning curve. (although, i think for 2012, you have to get QL if you want QDII, as you have to get the overland/summit).

BTW, the ELSD, when working, is very effective. When i say that i never slipped, i was referring to the majority of the trip. Late in the day, i received a SERV 4WD warning light. It cycled off when i turned off the ignition. I did notice that i slipped a bit on the next challenging hill. On Monday, i brought the car in for an unrelated issue (the powered tail gate didn't consistently work). It appears that the warning light was related to my rear differential. They are ordering a new rear differential module (along with a new rear hatch motor). When the ELSD wasn't working, i did notice the difference.

While i am happy with the jeep, two mechanical failures in less than 700 total miles is a bit annoying.

If anyone has any comments or advice regarding QL or QD settings, i would appreciate it. For most of the trails, i was in auto where it was easy; low gear, sand and mud and QL+1 for the more challenging areas and rock at QL+2 for the few extreme trails i encountered.

One last thing, the fold flat seats are great. It was 30 degrees at night up where we camped (as i live in San Diego, this is considered VERY cold :D ), and the Rangers were concerned as Bears had come into the camp site. Being a coward, i didn't set up my tent and slept in the truck. I am 6'4'', and had no problems. Besides which, the Pano sun roof gave a great view!

jefferson.oz 10-26-2011 03:41 PM

Re: initial off road impressions
QL takes the travel away alright, while I was waiting for my GC to arrive I read as much as I could about them, as we all do... anyway I couldn't figure out why the QL would once raised would lower its self once certain speeds were reached, like it might be needed to climb over a fallen tree or something then have a clear trail for the couple of miles, then another tree down, why bother to lower just to be raised again seemed a waste of time... until your in it, suspension toping out etc, would be dangerous at speed. I agree its something I've needed to adjust too as well, only raise when needed. I love the on road handling though, which is where mine spends most of its time, ideally it would have been great just to hit the OR2 button when you hit the trails and have the same characteristics as normal ride height, then at the end of the day hit normal ride height button when getting back on the highway... which is initially how I though t it worked... Oh well....

webspoke 10-26-2011 04:28 PM

Re: initial off road impressions
There is a TSB out for the ELSD throwing a code and the serv 4wd light, that may be all that is needed. Hopefully they will apply that when they replace the module.

Uncle Paul 10-26-2011 04:33 PM

Re: initial off road impressions
Think the idea is to ride the trail at a lower ride height until you get stuck, then raise to maximum height to get unstuck, then back down for a comfy ride.

Not designed to ride at the top of the adjustment for extended periods.

bromhead 10-26-2011 10:23 PM

Re: initial off road impressions
thanks for the input, especially about the tsb.


AAAA 10-27-2011 06:09 AM

Re: initial off road impressions
If there is food in your vehicle a glass window is not enough to keep bears out. Take it from me as it happened to friends with a black bear in the Adirondacks. "Fortunately" they were in the tent a few feet away.

Richpearl 10-27-2011 08:07 AM

Re: initial off road impressions

Originally Posted by AAAA (Post 504771)
If there is food in your vehicle a glass window is not enough to keep bears out. Take it from me as it happened to friends with a black bear in the Adirondacks. "Fortunately" they were in the tent a few feet away.

If you don't have food in the vehicle, will the bears break glass for a taste of you?

bromhead 10-27-2011 09:17 AM

Re: initial off road impressions
Yeah, we didn't have any food in the car. The food was outside, secured against smaller animals, but nothing that would stop a bear...that sort of activity is not common where we were camping, we weren't prepared

felipito 10-27-2011 11:52 AM

Re: initial off road impressions
my question is, if placing the jeep in OR2 and i am in a trail with the normal surface irregularities (not flat) those this HURT the suspension? will this use can break or damage something in the suspension or the jeep because it topped up? or is it will only be uncomfortable ride? i hope i am expressing myself correctly...
I would use my Jeep OR1 or 2 only for MUD purposes not Rock Climbing, but sometimes in mud the momentum is everything, so if i enter a mud with momentum and i unfortunately hit something (rock or hole, etc), those this suspension becomes weaker than normal spring suspension? or weaker than in normal ride height?
What are your comments,

P.s. i have the Skid Plates group on my WK2 Overland V6.

AAAA 10-27-2011 01:28 PM

Re: initial off road impressions

Originally Posted by Richpearl (Post 504800)
If you don't have food in the vehicle, will the bears break glass for a taste of you?

Only if you smell like a jelly donut.

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