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noahchanin 10-30-2011 06:49 AM

Windshield Replacement Issues
I recently had my windshield on my '11 WK2 Overland replaced by SafeLite with a non-OEM windshield (that's what GEICO will pay for). The repair has not gone smoothly and my windshield is making a buzzing noise and my rainsense wipers are not working properly.

They came to replace the windshield and as soon as I drove it the windshield started making a buzzing noise. I noticed that the rubber gasket around the bottom of it was coming up in places. I called Safelite and they apologized and came out right away and installed a new windshield. This time the problem got worse. Also, when the tech was taking off the mirror he broke the 2-piece cover that surrounds the windshield and said he would order a new one for me (not really his fault, the plastic clips are poorly made and extremely fragile, but safelite stood behind it).

Brought my car down to their shop and they used a heat gun to bend the gasket back into place - this improved the buzzing but it's still there. The manager said maybe since the glass is not OEM it doesn't fit right and he'll order me a new OEM windshield and a new gasket.

Yesterday, it rained and I noticed the rainsense wipers were not working properly, the windshield got to the point where you couldn't see anything out of it before it kicked in.

Anyone experience similar problems? Think the rainsense issue has to do with the glass or the sensor?

Danco 10-30-2011 06:55 AM

Re: Windshield Replacement Issues
Rain sense wipers have stopped working on every car that I replaced the windshield.

johhn14 10-30-2011 08:49 AM

Re: Windshield Replacement Issues
The OEM windshields have a special coating on it that is required for rain sense - ain't gonna work without the Mopar glass with the coating.

AAAA 10-30-2011 10:52 AM

Re: Windshield Replacement Issues
There is another thread from this summer in here somewhere dealing with a replaced windshield. The rain sensor worked fine.

Willir2 10-30-2011 01:47 PM

Re: Windshield Replacement Issues
Had mine replaced, Not sure who the body shop used for it, but all is well.

Lingohocken 10-30-2011 10:25 PM

Re: Windshield Replacement Issues
Insist on OEM, and accept no substitute.

BimmerAgent 10-30-2011 10:45 PM

Re: Windshield Replacement Issues
Only use OEM...there IS a difference between OEM, near OEM, and other non-OEM. I'd beat the crap out of that GEICO shenanigans....that's a lot of bull and you're entitled to OEM on that vehicle no matter what that cut rate outfit says. Glass these days can be somewhat structural, and may have properties in the OEM product not found in non-OEM. Make them fix it right, or call your states' insurance department. Bruce

SW03ES 10-31-2011 10:10 AM

Re: Windshield Replacement Issues
Absolutely, INSIST that they use an OEM windshield, tell them that you've tried it their way twice now, and the aftermarket windshield does not "return the vehicle to the same condition it was in before it was damaged as they are required to do by state and federal law and the terms of your agreement with them" Use those exact words. Do not accept no, and escalate it to a supervisor every time you get a no. Repeat the same line each time.

I've never not been able to get an insurance company to pop for an OEM windshield...even on old cars. Safelite is about the best in the business, the issue must be with the glass itself not fitting well.

hammer1234 10-31-2011 10:12 AM

Re: Windshield Replacement Issues
When we had our windshield replaced I looked up the insurance requirements for our state (MA)...since the Jeep was new (under 20K miles) we were entitled to an OEM replacement.

Even with that, the Safelite installers goofed up the first time and we had a buzzing at/near 70 MPH and the lower gasket was lifting off of the glass. Took it back in for replacement and they did it right the second time around. No gaps in the gasket and no problems with wind noise/buzzing.

noahchanin 11-14-2011 07:25 PM

Re: Windshield Replacement Issues
3 replacements later and my problem is solved. They used a mopar branded windshield and took a heat gun to the gasket to bend it back into place. The rain sensor did not work properly with the other two. The manager and installer were skeptical but all I know is it didn't work before.

jeep2011 11-18-2011 09:24 PM

Re: Windshield Replacement Issues
Don't use satellite and you'll be ok. Always use a PPG or Pilkington dealer. They are OEM dealers as well as the top in the biz.

ncgixxer 01-31-2012 10:38 AM

Re: Windshield Replacement Issues
I just had my windshield replaced and insisted on OEM. Thankfully, I got it (says Mopar). My issue has since been that everytime I start the car, the wipers go on for once pass. I have the AUTO setting on as I have had since I owned the car (Sept 2011). I just can't get it to stop doing this!!

Any thoughts? Anyone else had this problem?

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