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ilber 10-31-2011 11:46 AM

Oil change, Chrysler Service Plan contract
Hello, guys/gals.

* Get TSB done if you hear rattling like a skid plate is loose ( bump stops)
* Service contract from Chrysler can be purchased by phone for realy cheap oil changes.

Long story:

I had an annoying rattle so I took jeep to dealer, apparently there is a TSB that addresses my exact issue (bump stops rattles)...
But while at the service, i noticed a sign $15 for oil change...
Mind you I just priced a 30 gal barrel of amsoil ( $725) and I was still trying to decide, since i got lifetime extended and I know ALL the dealers previously would start from pointing finger...( who did oil change? who was the last tech to touch the car?)
Well I went back to dealer that i go my jeep from... for 8 oil changes and *maintance* I was asked like $500.... needless to say i was not happy with it ( dino oil, tap off fluids and lube chassis ( really?)) or just oil change for Hemi is $40 for regular and 130 for synthetic or $45 if I bring my own oil... so I felt prices where a tad screwy...
well I see $15 for oil change, inquire and it is Chrysler, good for any dealer in Canada, US or Mexico... regular oil and with 6 years/24 oil changes comes out to $10.63. I figured it is less than a price of the filter, so if I want to bring my oil, but dealer does the work-kewl, otherwise i will be using dino. After all I am a firm believer that regular oil changes are better than 15k oil changes with really good oil. (My jeep just rolled 6600 miles from April, so I hit time limit on this one).
So look for Service Contract or go to a jeep owners page and you can buy the contract over the phone. I wish dealer would have told me when I was buying my truck vs. trying to pitch their $500 plan.
FYI for Colorado folks. Colorado Chrysler jeep seemed like a decent place. Took care of the rattle, ordered a replacement wood trim piece (mine warped and pulled away from surface). Thumbs up...I knew Moose would not steer me wrong!

bbjrhome 11-01-2011 04:57 AM

Re: Oil change, Chrysler Service Plan contract
It's nice to see dealers making a effort. I guess there are some upsides to a down economy. My dealers incentive makes is easy not to do the work myself and I have a two post lift!

Lifetime as long as you own your car
Oil, inspection/top off and tire rotation - $14.99
MA Inspection - Free (lifetime, that's a $28 yearly savings)
Snow tire change out - $9.99 (no remounts, whole rim/tire swap)
Anual tire rebalance - $9.99 (only ever needed this on stored cars but it's nice as a option)
Future car purchase - $200 credit (yep, get your best price then take $200 off the bottom line #, not much but it's the paperwork fee)

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