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livingrock21 11-01-2011 01:59 AM

zone 4" lift and a few other unrelated ?'s
Does anyone have the zone 4" lift, or has anyone heard anything about it? I have an 05' WK limited, so I'm sure I'd have to buy the EGR module too.. Any information about this lift kit would be greatly appreciated! I'm thinking of purchasing it either tomorrow, or the next day..

So, I've been having problems with my remote start, which I believe is factory. It starts up, and then shuts off about 10 seconds later. Every time I do this, the check engine light comes on. I put my code scanner on it, and figured out that it's the brake switch/sensor. Where can I get one of these?? I hope I can get one somewhere other then the stealership.

Another question, when I put my wk into drive I get a grind/clunk noise? The tranny fluid level is good. Anyone else have this problem, or know what could be causing this? It's only when I put it into drive from park or reverse, and that's the only time it does it.

Two other quick questions. Is there a tailgate light that I'm missing? I cant see in the cargo area at night because its not illuminated. I can't seem to find a light anywhere though. Where you would think one would be is where the backup sensor is. lol. I feel stupid for even asking that question, but I really cant find it, can someone help me out there? For the last question, it seems no one carries the rear window wiper blade for my WK. I've looked at advanced, autozone, and walmart. Can someone tell me where their buying theirs.

Thanks for the help guys, could def use some answers asap. Any and all input is welcome, and much appreciated! Again, sorry for the last two questions, but I'm truly stumped.

mrtosh 11-01-2011 05:40 PM

Re: zone 4" lift and a few other unrelated ?'s
Check your thread on JF. I posted on there.

Crestwood1001 11-01-2011 05:46 PM

Re: zone 4" lift and a few other unrelated ?'s
Zone... not sure of anyone running it, personally I would not. Go for the superlift.
Your clunk... alot of us have a clunk, the bushings around the torque converter go bad and it bangs around...
The light for the back is in the hatch, alot of the pop into the actual panel and are useless, and they dont throw good light anyway...

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