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Kevlars 11-01-2011 08:42 PM

Monkey, Footballs, and Jeeps service departments
So for the past 6 weeks every friday I have made the Dealer my home office. Everytime I report or find an issue parts have to be orderer and nothing ever comes in on time, or its the wrong part. As an example, my rear seat had a blemish (leather pealing off .. I have no kids and no one has been in there) on it so it had to have the bottom cover replaced and my Ipod had an issue showing that it was always searching for the device (simple TSB update). Got the call that the part was in .. made the apointtment .. simple so far, yes. Ok go in drop off the car at 7:30 AM and go and get my normal table in the corner and start my day at work. Hours go by ... and hours go by ... so now its 2:00 PM no update .. so I go on the hunt for my Service rep. finally find him arround 2:30 -- informs me he needs to go find out... 1 hour goes by ....finally my service rep shows up ... and he tells me that they got the new cover on .. but after it was on they noticed a slice in it ... so they will have to order a new one and will keep the rear seat until the new cover arrives. And the IPod issue is infact an issue but they cant download it due to the STAR network not functioning correctly.

So in short I drove home with less Jeep then what I started with....

The reason I bring this up .. is anyone else experiencing this. It appaers to me as if the Jeep dealer service departments have a mind image of a monkey doing a football... now mind you both dealers in my area are exhibiting the same behavior.... so the odds are that this is a Chrysler thing ... just wanted to get other peoples opinion on what they think of their service departments.

AAAA 11-01-2011 09:16 PM

Re: Monkey, Footballs, and Jeeps service departments
Amazing considering that you bought the most expensive version of the most expensive Jeep made. However my feeling is that it is a dealer thing rather than Chrysler. Hang in there.
Other than routine maintenance, all I have had done is console armrest replaced and front and T.C. skid plates installed. My dealer's service dept. has been polite, competent and prompt.

JRoll1ns 11-01-2011 09:28 PM

Re: Monkey, Footballs, and Jeeps service departments
I'm sorry to hear that. I can confirm that there seems to be an extraordinary amount of incompetent dealers and service managers in the Chrysler network. An example would be the dealership where I purchased my Summit. The Wife and I went to the dealer on a Saturday evening. We went to this particular dealership because they had the largest selection of different trim levels and color options. After we found the one the wife wanted it was getting late and it was close to closing time. Now we didn't want to be there until 11 pm signing paper work, we weren't in that big of a hurry where we couldn't wait to do the deal on Monday (No car sales on Sunday in CO). Mind you we had already agreed on a price, and we already had the loan secured, so we scheduled to sign the paper work at 5:00 p.m. Monday. Now in my mind what was going to happen on Monday at 5 was that the wife and I were going to walk in, wait five to ten minutes, sign my life away and be eating dinner by 6:00 p.m. In reality what happened was we got there at 4:45 waited for four and a half hours and got out of there too late to eat out at our favorite restaurant and we didn't take the Jeep home 'cause they were going to clear bra it the next day. Next day roles around and I pick the wife up and we go to pick the jeep up. We get down there and the Jeep is out front for everyone to see and enjoy. I was beaming like a proud new papa. Unfortunately as i walked up I notice a couple of things. 1) they used too small of a clear bra and the top of the headlights were not covered. 2) there were huge wrinkles in the clear bra. When I asked the Sales manager to come out and look at it she said and I quote "What? looks fine to me." Then she proceeded to ask me what I wanted her to do about it. That is when I told her that after buying the most expensive vehicle they had on the lot that I would appreciate a little customer service. After some persuading they did fix it.... the next day. Needless to say I walked away from that dealer ship, GO Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep Golden CO, really feeling like I just screwed myself by purchasing this vehicle. Then I went to my local dealer here in Brighton, Johnson Auto Plaza, I'll tell you what, that service manager makes me feel like I bought a Ferrari or a Bentley. He has taken the time to answer any question and fix any problem. Hell, I didn't even complete the sentence in regards to the leather cracking on my driver seat and he cut me off saying any cracking at 6,000 miles is excessive hell any cracking at 30,000 miles is excessive and he would order a new one right away. Another time the chrome fog light bezel fell off somewhere, how I don't know. Instead of telling me he would have to order one when parts said they didn't have any in stock, he just went to the show room and took one off of the jeep in there.

I guess the whole point of this was just to say that there are good dealerships out there.... you just have to be lucky enough to find one. Oh and GO sucks

Lingohocken 11-01-2011 09:54 PM

Re: Monkey, Footballs, and Jeeps service departments
Chrysler dealers have long brought up the rear -- "long," as in many decades. The best and the brightest have tried to affiliate with nearly anybody else, except perhaps Yugo, Nash, Hudson or Packard.

Don't hold your breath expecting things to get better. There were a number of superior dealers axed by GM during the changeover, but as far as I know none of these were grabbed by Chrysler. Instead, Chrysler lopped of its own share of dealers, including some of its best.

With Jeep, you buy the vehicle. Look long and hard and be willing to drive some distance, and you'll probably find a worthy dealer for service, too. But most are only fair, at best.

Kevlars 11-01-2011 11:32 PM

Re: Monkey, Footballs, and Jeeps service departments
JRoll1ns-- the first Service Manager you had is like the one I currently have. The purchasing of the vehicle was great .. the sales guy was fantastic. Heck the Service Manager has not even contacted me--she just walks by and knows who exactly I am. So I contacted the GM and he was shocked and amazed and said "you bought a great car and you need to start enjoying it, not coming in here every week" He was not happy and said he will get to the bottom of it. Mind you this dealer is in Scottsdale, Az. I would think that they would have a Service Manager that would be more intune with your Second Service manager. Its amazing to me that Chrysler cant get out of the Yugo level customer service. I think Hundai has passed them up when it comes to eliminating the BS and satisfying the customer. I am trying not to let this sour me and trying to take all this in stride and just chaulk all the isues to my Jeeps personality like a Land Rover-- but at Land Rover they just fixed it with a smile. Sure it had leaks ... it was the Brittish way --- but you did not come away from the dealer feeling like you want to take a shower. Anyway thank you for your comments ...

BuckeyeSRT 11-02-2011 06:20 AM

Re: Monkey, Footballs, and Jeeps service departments
Yes, I am still waiting for one of the clips to hold down the intake. It mysteriously disappeared when the dealer could not figure out what was wrong with my drivers side headlight not firing. I also had to go back when they scratched up the steering wheel trim when they put the steering wheel on that should have come with my Summit. Not to mention the tow truck hitting my car while they had it over the weekend.

johnsavarese 11-04-2011 09:36 AM

Re: Monkey, Footballs, and Jeeps service departments
Our service department is horrible. I've been back to the dealer 3 times for the exact same problem. The first time I took the vehicle for service was for the horrible nav/radio they put into the jeep (Media Center 730N). It was not working properly; no usb connectivity, losing favorites, dropping saved addresses, incorrect navigation, host of other problems. I was told they needed to order the part and it would take 2 days. One week later, I called and was told the part had arrived the day before (never got a call the part had arrived). Took the Jeep to the dealer only to find out they were missing a 2nd required part. While we were there, identified problems with the saddle leather interior (leather cracking, peeling on driver/pax seat) and they went ahead and processed it as a warranty claim (new seats). Finally get all the necessary parts in (weeks later), take the Jeep a third time to get fixed, and the "2-3 hour repair job" took 7 hours. The service department never returns phone calls (leave messages constantly) and doesn't call when parts arrive.

moosehead 11-04-2011 11:40 AM

Re: Monkey, Footballs, and Jeeps service departments
JRollins, IME it is worth you driving down to Aurora, CO to get Jeep service support from Jeff Walker at Colorado Chrysler Jeep. They have been surprisingly solid and Jeff is cool with mods. I cannot speak to their sales or pricing, but they tend to have a decent amount of WK2's on the lot, including Overlands & Summits.

Buckeye, if you can direct me to which clip you are missing, you are welcome to one off my stock intake, it's just sitting in the basement.

JRoll1ns 11-04-2011 09:53 PM

Re: Monkey, Footballs, and Jeeps service departments
Thanks moose. For right now I'm happy with the service from Johnson's, but if i have any problems I will definitely take it there next. Hindsight being 20/20 I wish I would have found this site before I found my Jeep. I seriously almost gave it back to Go just because I didn't want to be affiliated with them by any means what so ever.

Kevlars 11-04-2011 11:19 PM

Re: Monkey, Footballs, and Jeeps service departments
Ya.... well guys .. here is the latest ... so they called me and told me they got the rear seat done ... you know the one that is not in my car... but the center armrest .. well Chrysler sent a black one rather then a camel color one ... so It should be in on Monday ..-- that is a full week that I have been driving around without a rear seat ... and the GM ... what a joke he told me he would call me.. never did even after two calls... Chrysler has lost my business that is for sure. What is sad is that I was in the market for a Wrangler-- now I need to shop for something different.

If anyone from Chrysler is listening .. Im the guy that buys cars every 2 years ... and I was going to purchase 2 additional cars one in Dec and one in Feb. It is sad that Detroit does not understand service-- I would rather by a second rate car with great service then a great car with bad service. It really breaks my heart but I think I am going to sell my WK2 as soon as I get the seat back in .. the amount of time and effort it takes is just not worth it.

Lingohocken 11-04-2011 11:46 PM

Re: Monkey, Footballs, and Jeeps service departments
Wouldn't trying another dealer make more sense? Around here, about one in ten is good, so a little extra drive time solves the problem.

Kevlars 11-05-2011 12:03 AM

Re: Monkey, Footballs, and Jeeps service departments
I have tried the two that are cloest to me .. and honestly I am looking at the future .. and if there are these many issues brand new ... it can only go down from here. If the dearler had normal service then it would be acceptable. But what I have experienced so far .. na... not worth it. And really why should we lower our expecations. We should demand a ceratin level or service. Not just try to find something or make do. And people ask why we dont buy American .. its because the dealears for Detroit brands only offer attitude and NO SERVICE. At least that is my experinece.

Sorry just a bit bitter right now ... knowing that I am going to lose 10K on the translation to get out of this nightmere.

I will tell anyone my honest opinion that they should stay clear of Chrysler due to dealer issues. I even tryied to call Chrylser to ask them is this is what I should expect ... and they did not even call me back ... All I have to say is Wow...

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