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ilber 11-02-2011 11:07 AM

stability control, ELSD
Just a quick question.
I got finally 12"+ of snow with 2' drifts across the road. so today i flipped to "snow" mode on my Micheline a/t 2.
Jeep plows through harsh stuff fairly decent, it is a heavy beast and when it starts to slide virtually impossible to have a controllable slide ( yeah need a button to disable laws of physics:) ).
never the less jeep did good, I was going 20-40 mph for really bad weather road conditions...felt twitchy only a few time, and just happened to see the BRAKE LIGHT ( well at least high mounted) coming on when jeep was getting "twitchy". the question for me is: do we have brake light activation when the stability control trying to work my jeep pointing the right way? I mean it is all good, but can i turn off that activation?
I am just thinking that if someone follows me, I keep constat acceleration, jeep hits some slush, stability porgram trying to work and keep me out of bad places, but the car behind me would get freaked out that a numskull jeep hitting brakes going down an ice road...
or is my jeep having some fritz? I mean I was 100% certained that i saw my brake light blinking/ lighting up, just as jeep was "twitching" as my right side wheels were on the packed snow and left ones were blasing a trail in a 12" of powder.
stay safe guys/gals... no need for "wrecked wk2" threads!

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