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xc8great 11-04-2011 02:58 PM

2011 5.7 "misfire/surge on light acceleration??
Got my Overland 5.7 1 year ago. Love it BUT at about 4K it started feeling like slight engine misfire on light acceleration or going up inclines, from 80 to 90 KMH. Initially this was slight and minor annoyance...since then (now about 35K) it has continually gotten worse and happens all the time and very noticeable. Been into dealer 7 times in past year and to start they said they couldn/t really feel it...then they put scanner on and no codes so no issue...then drove it with recorder hooked up and they said now no problem feeling the issue but no codes, so no issue and I am only complaint they have ever had on this...then got tech support from chrysler and they informed no codes no problem!!! I finally got fed up and pulled all spark plugs myself and found large variations in the way cylinders are burning according to plug readings. Front 2 cylinders on both sides have both plugs a nice light tan insulator color with slight hot spots (appear normal)...3rd cylinder back on BOTH sides have insulators very white, little coloration to them (appear very lean)...back cylinders on BOTH sides have plugs much darker insulators and black deposits on metal base as if quite rich and or some oil going through them. Sent pics to dealership and they sent them to Chrysler and they totally dismissed and again normal if no codes! have now talked with cust service at Chry and they now say this is normal controlled misfire with MDS system. Then informed her that the wide variance in plugs does not go hand in hand with the cylinders that are de-activated with MDS or the ones functioning when MDS answer for this just said normal!!!
I am sooooooo frustrated and want to find out what others with 5.7 are experiencing and if any fixes for this??? HELPPPPPPPPP>

xc8great 11-04-2011 03:00 PM

Re: 2011 5.7 "misfire/surge on light acceleration??
want to do comp test on this thing but need to find out how to disable ignition system to do it.

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