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BLACK DOG 11-06-2011 01:25 AM

Rear Axel Fluid Problem ??
Just bought another 98 ZJ LTD. descent shape with low miles (sitting on the lot for about a year) and took it to a lube shop for an oil change and check out all fluids said I needed rear diff Synthetic oll changed, (metal shavings and dirty)
They changed oil and added LS Additive and now I hear a scraping sound from the rear end when making L or R turns and it feels like the axel is locked. maybe the outer bearings are dry (shot)
Any ideas guys ??

Turns out there is a problem with the transfer case, maybe from sitting so long? (dealer suggested changing fluid and driving in figure 8's to try and break it loose) really don't understand how that would help but will give it a try...
I'm now wondering if I can swap it with a select track case without any elec. or shifter mods... I kinda like that option, if the quadra track is toast

Frango100 11-21-2011 08:31 AM

Re: Rear Axel Fluid Problem ??
Hi Bob,

The problem you described when making turns, is probably one of the rear wheels slipping because of a locked trac-lok in the diff. If the jeep was not doing this before the fluid change, there is probably not enough limited slip additive in the diff. When it was, probably the trac-lok is shot. When you jack up the rear and turn one wheel, initially the other wheel should turn in the opposite dirtection and after a few turns the trac-lok should lock and both wheels turn the same direction. If they turn in the same direction from the beginning, the trac-lok doesn't disengage.
What is the problem with the t-case? The coupling in there should only engage when there is a speed difference between the rear and front propeller shaft. Wouldn't expect making figures 8 would create this difference.

BLACK DOG 11-21-2011 10:35 AM

Re: Rear Axel Fluid Problem ??
Hi Frank,
This jeep was sitting on a lot for more than a year, so my first thought was to change the fluids when I noticed this happening. I wanted the oil changed anyway so while I was at the quick change oil shop I had them check all the fluids and they said the rear Diff was dirty so I had that changed and additive added as per owners manual recommendation for towing package. the jeep was still making a noise (sort of a scraping growling sound ) when making left or right turns. so I asked a friend at the Jeep
dealers, who is the service manager. he said this is caused by the transfer case locking and try changing the T case fluid which I did and he recommended the figure 8s to try and loosen or break free the drive train I tried that and it didn't help. It feels like the drive train is locked front and rear and not just the normal wobble from the front axel locking you feel when making a U-turn.
Some other issues I have noticed... it seems to take more power than it should when reversing and when coasting down a long steep hill the engine RPMs don't drop to idle speed even when the trans is shifted to neutral. the car just creeps along at idle speed, (no more than 2-3 klm) my 6 cyl ZJ will roll along at 20 klm @ idle.
I think I'll take it to a trans shop and see what they say...( I would like to get a 2 wheel drive transfer case swap anyway) but I want to be clear what the problem is first.

thanks for your help Frank good to hear from you again, Bob.

BLACK DOG 11-30-2011 04:17 AM

Re: Rear Axel Fluid Problem ??
Just an update...
It Seems this problem is getting better as I drive it a bit and get a few miles on it...It still seems like its going to seise up when in reverse steering wheel turned to near lock either way,,,,curiouser an curiouser??? maybe I should try a couple of reverse figure 8s

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