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moose 11-07-2011 05:00 PM

looking to buy advice
im looking for a jeep cherokee 4x4 what year to get,whats the common problems with the cherokees.looking for a daily driver ,to take camping 4 wheelin in northern calif.i also posted the same question in grand cherokees too.sounds like they have too many problems 99-04 .ive owned jeeps before and 4x4,i can drive manual trans or automatic should i look for a manul trans jeep verus automatic and reliabilty

BradXJ 11-08-2011 08:23 AM

Re: looking to buy advice
99-01 are the ones to buy. Makes sure the regular maintenance has been done based on the mileage on it. Don't be scared to buy one that has 140k miles unless it has been beaten. I know after 160k+ miles even in mint condition check for leaks around the gaskets. Make sure the tranny shifts fine and the 4x4 works. Some people have had problems with the transmissions, specially if they have towed/wheeled a lot.

ClockWork 11-09-2011 01:55 PM

Re: looking to buy advice
Bought A "99" Cherokee Limited with over 170,000 miles on it. Runs like a top and only issues I had were replacing the steering stabilizer and balancing the wheels.
I have seen "99"s with close to 600,000 miles and still going strong. The 4.0L just can't be beaten. But like the man said the routine maintenance is the deal breaker.
Good Luck. :)

kennzz05 12-04-2011 05:59 AM

Re: looking to buy advice
01s had the infamous 0331 head cracking issue so best to steer clear of that year unless you can verify its been replaced or is from a later batch the auto tranny is plenty strong and durable biggest problems i know of is the evap coil on the a/c tends to leak and need replacement and its a pricy repair as the whole dash has to come out i can attest that if you get the evap replaced do the heatercore too
also they are prone to having a slight oil leak from the rear main seal. nothing you would have to add oil in between fillups but annoying if you have to keep wiping it up or have a concrete driveway
mine is a 98 has over 310,000 miles on it and sits for months without being started(trickle charger) and rarely turns over more than 5 revs before it starts. its made numerous trips from florida to maryland and back and i wouldnt hesitate tto drive it across country ( engine/tranny wise) in a heartbeat

oh and theres aforum just for xj cherokees
also worth mentioning dont expect great fuel mileage best ive ever gotten with 30 tires is 18 on a flat highway some get 20 but i think their the exception

paroxysym 12-06-2011 11:26 AM

Re: looking to buy advice
i had a 95 i bought for $1500 with like 115k on the clock. put a couple thousand into it and it became an amazing daily driver, and i wheeled with XJs that had 4"+ and 33s and i held my own with justa 3" and a set of 31s. i cant wait to buy it back from the guy i sold it to. prob one of my most favorite jeeps.

as far as the manual compared to the auto. the aw4 in the xj is a stout tranny, and can take a beating. they do tend to overheat alitttle when you add the 33s to it, but there are plenty of tranny cooler applications out there to add to it to solve those problems. i like the 97-01 front end but the, 87-95 seemed roomier- and being 6'5 i had way more room in the 95 than i did in the anniversary edition 2000 i test drove.

Cherokeejeeper 02-22-2012 10:52 AM

Re: looking to buy advice
I bought my 01' Cherokee Sport in July of last year. Since than, my Fiance' purchased a 00' Cherokee Classic(December) and my brother (last week) - 00' Cherokee Sport :) We love Jeeps.

Anyway, there were a few key issues that coinscidentally needed to be addressed on all three XJ's.

1. Serpentine Belt replacement
2. Sagging (not leaking) Struts.
3. Muffler replacement (large hole)
4. Brake work - Odds and ends.

All three have less than 70,000 miles on them. I hope this helps :thumbsup:

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