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Me Fix 11-14-2011 07:12 PM

Recirculation Door Problem
Code 52 Recirculation door does not finish cal cycle. Can this door be pined or tied in either the open or closed position?

Frango100 11-14-2011 08:40 PM

Re: Recirculation Door Problem
Did you already try disconnecting the battery for some minutes and see if the fault comes back?

Me Fix 11-15-2011 09:38 AM

Re: Recirculation Door Problem
Thanks for the response. Yes I have tried the reset procedure. I think I mentioned once before that when my system does a calibration, which it does about two minutes after every key cycle, I hear a rubbing sound. So the other day, I removed the glove box so I could watch the outer most blend door motor as well as listen to the rubbing sound to see if I could figure out where it was coming from. The rubbing sound comes from the recirculate door above the blower motor. It appears to move towards the inside screen, most likely to signal full travel in the closed position. It never gets there as it jumps backwards most likely because the drive connection is fractured. As the drive motor continues, it finally catches the door again and the door tries to move towards the inside screen again. After doing this about three times, I think the cal program runs out of time and the 52 code is set or reset again. So I'd say my recirc door hinge is almost broken. So before it breaks completely, I'd like to maybe pin it or tie it back so that at least I would have both heating and cooling , but just without the recuiculation option. To fix the recirculation door right, I think I'm in for a dash removel day.

Frango100 11-15-2011 07:07 PM

Re: Recirculation Door Problem
The automatic calibration should only happen once in the 20 key cycles. The actuator is trying to put the recirculation door in the selected position (actuator should stop because of the endstop) and due to the fractured connection, it will never get there. In the position the recirculation door is now, is it ok to use, or does it stay somewhere in between? If it is ok for use, you could simply disconnect the connector on the actuator until you have time for the dash removal. I have heard of people who managed to keep the door in a certain position with a wire, but donīt know how they did it.

Me Fix 11-16-2011 10:28 AM

Re: Recirculation Door Problem
Howdy Frango

My system seems to function OK, although my wife tells me that sometimes she feels cold air coming from somewhere. My guess is that it's coming from the outside air vent that is not closed off. That's the part I wonder about? The recirc door seems to always be over against the inside vent screen. That would leave the outside air opening uncovered. There apperas to be a door up above where the recirc door would seal off the outside air. That door may open and close to help control the air temp inside the cabin of the car. maybe that door is sometimes opening and closing and it is that air flow my wife feels on her side of the car.

I was told in a letter from JCGParts that the cal program runs every key cycle. They suggest I go to a deal where they can reprogram the system to cal every 20 key cycles. they suggest that my Jeep has never had that done and so that is why it goes through a cal run every time I turn off the key. I suspected the reason why my system did it so frequent was because I have an error code stored and once you have a code stored, it must cal every key cycle, but maybe that's not true.

Because it runs the cal so often, I figure that is why the doors break so often. Who knows. Anyway, I did read where a guy took out the blower, drilled a small hole in the recirc door close to the edge away form the hinge and then threaded a wire tie thru and around the inside air grill and tied the door open or closed, whichever, to that position. That would keep the door from breaking off and falling down on top of the blower and stopping any air flow at all. he never said anything about disconnecting the wiring to the drive motor, but i think I'd want to do that if I did what he did. I'd still have the fauil code stored, but at least the door would be held in place and away from breaking off completely. Then I think about whaic position would be best to pin or tie the door in? Recirc, which might make for staggnet air or outside air, which might reduce the effects of heating or cooling. Maybe halfway!

I'm just not looking forward to taking out the dash. That also means having someone recover the refrigerant so the core can be cut loose when the dash is pulled out. Coolant as well, although I can do that one on my own. Then if you take the dash all the way out, do you replace everything. The blend doors, the recirc door, the evaporator core and maybe even the heater core all of which could go bad bringing about the need to pull the dash out again.

Frango100 11-16-2011 05:06 PM

Re: Recirculation Door Problem
When it was me, i would try to lock the recirculation door in the position that only outside air would come in. Recirculating the air for a longer time is maybe not such a good idea, it would increase the humidity inside the car (when the airco is off at least) and causes a dull smell inside the car.

Me Fix 11-16-2011 06:11 PM

Re: Recirculation Door Problem

The pictures in the above link show what the guy did with his broken door. He just doesn't say anything about disconnecting the wiring that goes to the recirc door drive motor, but then again his door was completely broken off so the drive motor may have been trying to turn something, but nothing there. In my case, the door is still trying to move and so I think I would need to disconnect the motor wiring to completely stop any attemp to move the door after I tie it back. Do you have any idea how to unplug the motor wires to the recirc door?

Frango100 11-16-2011 07:54 PM

Re: Recirculation Door Problem
I have never had the HVAC housing removed, so have no idea if you could get to the connector of the recirculation actuator. It probably doesnīt hurt too much for the actuator to be spinning around for some time, its doing it for some time already.

Me Fix 11-17-2011 08:05 AM

Re: Recirculation Door Problem
Thanks for all your responses. I may have more going on with my system anyway. My wife will say, "I feel cold air on my side" while I don't feel it on the drivers side. So the blend doors may be at fault too. I actually bought the metal door "fix kit" from JCGParts. I was going to cut into the box from the front and replace the two doors with the new metal ones. I guess I was hoping the drive connector for the door to the back is OK because that is the one you cannot get to or even see from cutting into the box from the front. Fix it right sticks in my mind and so I may just go ahead and spend the day or days, whichever, doing it the right way. I like my Overland and from what we read here at this forum, many others like their too. Even if I had the money to buy a new one, I think I'd stick with this one because I like the size and comfort period. I see that you respond to many a thread here. That's nice of you to do that and to help others in need. Your a good man my friend. Thanks from all of us!

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