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Ypahihi 11-15-2011 11:50 AM

Coolant Issues
Apologies now if this has been covered in a previous thread.
Like some, I to am experiencing disappearing coolant and overheating problems
Okay, in July I had to replace the radiator due to hole caused by a bad earth somewhere and electrolysis. Earthed the new radiator and all was good until now.......:eek:
Noticed strange gurgling sounds emanating from behind the dash ( air in cooling lines going to the transmission ???) and my reservoir bottle boiling coolant.
Checked coolant which was low, added some, opened bleed line to get air out. Temp gauge still above half way (usually just under)
Assumed it could be blockage, faulty thermostat or water pump so back to radiator shop ASAP for pressure testing and now they are stating the following:
Possibly thermostat faulty (to be replaced), noticed the plastic thermostat housing is warped but not leaking (to be replaced), fan clutch is stuffed (need to replace) and suggested that I also get my transmission serviced / checked to eliminate any blockages there.
Can anyone advise if this is reasonable and is there any other areas that I should looking into to fix the problem? Or suggest a link for new fan clutch?

Any help would be appreciated.........:confused:

01grand 11-15-2011 12:43 PM

Re: Coolant Issues has the fan clutch available, one brand at $45 and one at $84. If the thermostat cover is warped I would replace it regardless of if it leaks now, replace it before it blows up lol. Not sure what the housing costs but the tstat is around $20 if I remember right. All these items should be available on rockauto. Edit: they are, about $15 for a stant (good brand, stock temp) thermostat, and a dorman brand housing is under $10.

Other than that the gurgling sounds like air in the system, make sure you open the bleed screw, fill the radiator, close everything, run the engine for a minute or 2, then shut it off and repeat. The exact procedure is available at

Also, a transmission service isn't a bad idea, but I'm not sure its necessary. I would take care of the cooling system first. If the Jeep shifts normally while driving your tranny should be fine to the next recommended service interval for it.

Ypahihi 11-15-2011 05:43 PM

Re: Coolant Issues
Thank you for the advise and links. Will follow up parts through
Just been onto the local Jeep dealer here in Darwin and they want $685 plus postage for a fan clutch, with a 3 day wait for the part!!!!!
You,ve just got to love genuine parts.

Frango100 11-15-2011 07:57 PM

Re: Coolant Issues
Boiling coolant in the overflow reservoir can mean 2 things: or the liquid is really boiling (wont expect this), or you have a leaking head gasket, causing the combustion air going into the cooling system. Also the gurgling sound behind the dash is probably air passing through the heater core.
Air in the system can also cause an increase in coolant temperature. Also a too low coolant level increases the coolant temperature.
If you didnīt see any external leaks, you have a good change that the liquid is going into a cylinder(s). Iīve heard before of electrolitic corrosion of the cylinder head (due to the different material for block and head), causing a leak path for the coolant to go into a cylinder.
Also take care to not overheat this engine, because it will warp the cylinder head(s).
Regarding the cooling fan clutch, that could be (part of) the problem, when the overheating only occurs when standing still or driving slowly.
Was a pressure test performed on the cooling system?

01grand 11-15-2011 08:56 PM

Re: Coolant Issues
Frank brings up a good point, I didn't think about head gasket. Do you notice either any oil/brown spots in the coolant or coolant/milky murkiness in the oil? This would be a definite sign of a head gasket or warped head. Maybe have a leak down test performed on the cylinders to see if one is leaking.

Ypahihi 11-16-2011 12:12 AM

Re: Coolant Issues
The radiator guys replaced the thermostat but I haven't asked as yet how the pressure test went. So will ask today.
I have been told to drop some oil from the sump into a container and wait a couple of days to see if there is any fluid separation and that it will be fairly evident for a head gasket leak.

I brought the car with 25,000kms on the replacement new engine with old parts bolted back on where possible (so I was told). I thought I had reduced engine problems given it was rebuilt at Jeeps Gold Coast (Queensland) dealership.
I obviously thought

Just as a side note for you USA guys and girls, President Obama is in Darwin tomorrow for a commemoration service and some sort of bilateral joint forces announcement. If he wants to meet the locals he wont because everybody that's anybody in Australia is attending (so no locals allowed).
Shame really, the beer is really cold and the locals are really friendly

Ypahihi 11-16-2011 02:36 AM

Re: Coolant Issues
Drained oil and it's not milky but will give it a day or two for telltale signs.
Aaron, The RockAuto site is great and well priced. Got everything including international shipping for $170.00.
Any thoughts on 4Seasons products??

Frango100 11-16-2011 04:17 AM

Re: Coolant Issues
You can have a headgasket problem without any coolant in the oil or oil in the coolant. The coolant can simply disappear into the combustion chamber and be burned of. Is there any strange sweet smell to the exhaust gasses?
If you have constantly bubbles in the overflow reservoir, you can be sure that a head gasket is leaking.

Ypahihi 11-16-2011 06:58 AM

Re: Coolant Issues
Bugger, Can't say that I have noticed the sweet smell. I'm gonna leave it alone until I can change out the other parts. I'm guessing it wont be a subtle smell.
Frank, Would it change the colour of the tailpipe?

StoneCold 11-16-2011 07:54 AM

Re: Coolant Issues
Depends on how bad it is. When my wife's HG went it was very obvious, you could smell the exhaust from a few feet away, plus the exhaust smoke was white in colour. Either way you will notice the smell, as being out of the ordinary.

Frango100 11-16-2011 05:10 PM

Re: Coolant Issues
And how about the air bubbles in the overflow reservoir? When the engine is heated up, do you see bubbles all the time?

Me Fix 11-16-2011 06:23 PM

Re: Coolant Issues
If you are burning water or coolant, the looks of the spark plug will be quite different compared to the rest of the plugs. Also, coolant usually contaminates the o2 sensors which have lots to do with fuel delivery, idle and most likely a "check engine soon light" code. Lets hope it doesn't get ugly for you!

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