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tomczak 11-16-2011 05:27 PM

Seafoam gone bad! Help please
So I was having a rough idle on my 06 3.7L GC so I tried to use seafoam. Never had an issue before using it. Well I put a half a can in the brake vacuum line. Then 1/4 in the oil and 1/4 in the tb. Well it smoked up after I let it sit. It idles better, but now I have a hesitation well I hit the gas from a stand still. Also I noticed if I hit my brakes with the heat on full power the whole heater die down for a few seconds bout 10 secs. Like it lost power for a few. I tried taking it out for a 10 mile trip both on the highway and in the city. I also forgot to mention I disconnected the battery for bout 2 mins. Please if any one can help.

Bleeding Blue 11-16-2011 06:00 PM

Re: Seafoam gone bad! Help please
Did you get any on the sensors inside the TB?

Redpit 11-16-2011 06:12 PM

Re: Seafoam gone bad! Help please
Fouled spark plugs maybe? I know that is a real possibility with seafoam, also double check to see if your vacuum line is connected well.

lll2for3lll 11-16-2011 06:22 PM

Re: Seafoam gone bad! Help please
Next time take it to an auto shop for a fuel system service instead of using sea foam.

tomczak 11-16-2011 06:46 PM

K so I took out all the spark plugs some how they lost their gap they had a smaller gap than they are suppose to. Don't understand how that happened unless the shop I took it to gap them too small. It's running better now except the after market pcv valve I bought from autozone is really loud with the clicking. I do have one question I have this extra vacuum line on the back of the TB that has a yellowish plug on the end of it. Looks like it is coming from the back of the engine. Does anyone know if that should be like that or is it not hooked up like it is suppose to?.

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