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Suther 11-27-2011 04:29 PM

Euro specifications?
bought my GC a week ago. Great car and really love it, currently my wife more that leaves me with the Odessey.

Coming to the serious part of this post; I am a German Soldier currently stationed in Norfolk and going back to Germany in two years. I will take the car with me and therefore I have to do some changes to it.
1) Rear Fog light - easy done, just by the aftermarket kit
2) Front Tow hooks - easy, see above
3) Headlight washers - kind a complicated
a) Buy all the parts for European models, best but also most expensive solution. Big question is the electronic part of it as I don't have a wiring diagram of the headlight and headlight washer system
b) Combine parts of headlight washer systems (e.g. noozle from Porsche, Hella Pump, hose, etc.). Not the nicest solution but cheaper and potentially easier. Questions would be which nozzle?
c) Combine a) and b); use the pump jet and covers from the original, and an aftermarket pump and parts.
4) Taillight amber blinkers - also kind a complicated
What I found out is that only one wire transports the signal to the combined brake/turn signal bulb. The european taillights have the amber bulb in the outer backlight. There is one thread in this forum working on that, but stopped currently. So there are also two solutions;
a) Try to seperate the turnsignal at the blackbox and use a seperate wire to the outer backlight. Question would be, does the electronic of the GC need a to be changed/parameters changed?
b) Get the turn signal from the front blinkers, bring that back and use a relais to steer the outer backlight.

Any good ideas are welcome; I promise to write a How-to when I am finished.

My most important questions are:
- Does anybody have something similiar done (at least the search didn't bring up anything)?
- Where to get the wiring diagrams for the headlights, headlight washer and taillights? Onlything I found is this:
- The front bumper nearly follows the line of the headlights, so it is difficult to get a certain angle for the washer nozzle (not a jet). That means the nozzle have to have a certain length (like the old Landys) and also a small base to still fit on the rounded bumper. The Porsche one looks promising but is still short, so does somebody have a better example?
Thanks a Lot!

Marlin 11-27-2011 06:41 PM

Re: Euro specifications?
All these parts are fitted ex-factory into the exported Euro models.

All you need to do is purchase the factory parts and fit.

I imagine some of the electronic items will require a StarScan to enable them.

Suther 11-28-2011 09:37 AM

Re: Euro specifications?
Thanks for the hint; would be great if that is that easy!!

StarScan is definitly to be used to make the system aware of some new elements, like a Headlamp Washer pump.

With the Taillights I am not so sure;
the system has to use the outer backup lights as turnsignals (bulb change necessary) and just keep the brake lights. Mmmh, no additional wiring necessary but I don't know if that is possible on StarScan.

Anyway, that would be way:
Turn Signal/Brakes -> Brakes
Body Backup -> Turn Signals
Parking Lights -> Retrofitted to independet bulbs (white)
Headlight Washers:
Retrofit ejector nozzles, hose and pump -> Program module

I will try to find out more on that, definitly worth a try before starting all the work. Could somebody with some StarScan knowledge assess this, thanks a lot!


SRTILL8 11-28-2011 09:51 AM

Re: Euro specifications?
i love the non-US versions. id love to get my hands a euro front bumper on my 010- :D:D:D

gl with your conversion bro! btw with wiring issues...maybe contact our friend here lipz! he does custom wiring and has made great strides in the taillight business involving our jeeps. maybe he can figure out the WK2 as well. afterall he is the first and creator of the euro taillight conversions and rear fog harness as well.

ill pm you more info:thumbsup:

GR33N D3M0N 11-28-2011 10:26 AM

Re: Euro specifications?
For the tail lights, one solution would be to run a wire connecting to the front turn signals, back to the rear

Suther 11-30-2011 08:15 PM

Re: Euro specifications?
Thanks a lot for the hints so far, what I found out in collecting all the information was, that
  • there are two different taillights, unfortunatly no clear pictures but there are infos that the Export Version is with LED?.
  • the Body BackUp light in Euro is Amber is correct
  • There are two different connectors for the Body Taillights, with a different setting for the 3rd wire; US is Turn Signal Trigger (I assume that covers the brake as well), Euro (only brakes)
  • I didn't find anything about the Body Backup connector, so I can't check the differences there.
  • There are also differences in the circuits even if it is the US Turn/Brake to the Euro Brake, which could be theoretically the same
My questions are:
  • Does anybody know if you can change the Blinker Triggering with StarScan. Just to set Euro Specs for the Lights? The wires would actually allow this.
  • Does anybody know the Body Backup Connector? I didn't find it in the database: If I could find the connector, it would help to identify the circuit numbers
  • Does anybody know the numbering/naming scheme of the circuits? I assume that different circuits in the versions not necessarily mean different pins in the control moduls (e.g.US brakes to Euro brakes have different circuit numbers but maybe the same pin of the connector, that would allow a reprogramming)
  • Where could I get a wiring diagram for the light circuits? The dealer I asked for was kind a reluctant to give me one.
I put everything I collected below (red is the export stuff) and thanks ahead for the any input.


Taillights (Body)
55079414AE Right, Export
55079415AE Left, Export
55079420AD Right
55079421AD Left

Park/Brake/Turn Signal Bulb:
L0003057 BULB, 3057, white, dual circuit, S8, 27W
Park/Brake Bulb, Export:
L0003157 3157 Export , white, dual circuit, S8, 27W

Backup Bulb (Body):
L0007440NA BULB, 7440NA/WY21W, amber, single circuit, W3, 27W
L0007440 BULB, 7440/W21W, white, single circuit, W3, 27W

Taillights (Liftgate)
Backup Bulb
00153624 BULB, W3W, white, single circuit, W3, 3W
Park Bulb
L000921E BULB, 921, white, single circuit, W, 18W

Connector Taillights, Body
Taillamp Connector C1 (3 way), left
1) Z923 20 BK Ground Circuit
2) L77 18 WT/BR Fused Park Lamp Relay Output
3) L63 18 WT/YL Left Rear Turn Signal Driver
3) L50 18 WT/TN Brake Lamp Switch Output (Export)
Taillamp Connector C2 (3 way), left
1) L63 18 WT/YL Left Rear Turn Signal Driver
2) Z923 18 BK Ground Circuit

Taillamp Connector C1 (3 way), right
1) Z924 20 BK Ground Circuit
2) L78 18 WT/OR Fused Park Lamp Relay Output
3) L62 18 WT/YL Left Rear Turn Signal Driver
3) L50 18 WT/TN Brake Lamp Switch Output (Export)
Taillamp Connector C2 (3 way), right
1) L62 18 WT/YL Left Rear Turn Signal Driver
2) Z924 18 BK Ground Circuit

Connector Taillights, Liftgate
Taillamp Conncector (2 way), left
1) L77 18 WT/BR Fused Park Lamp Relay Output
2) Z924 20 BK Ground Circuit
Taillamp Conncetor Backup (2 way), left
1) L1 18 WT/LG Backup Lamp Feed
2) Z924 20 BK Ground

Taillamp Conncector (2 way), right
1) L78 18 WT/OR Fused Park Lamp Relay Output
2) Z924 20 BK Ground Circuit

Taillamp Conncetor Backup (2 way), right
1) L1 18 WT/LG Backup Lamp Feed
2) Z924 20 BK Ground

Scottina06 11-30-2011 09:44 PM

Re: Euro specifications?
great info^^^^^^

Scottina06 11-30-2011 09:45 PM

Re: Euro specifications?
I would bet the eur tails arent much different from the US Spec. I have euro spec tails on my 06 and they work perfect with no mods

Suther 12-01-2011 07:59 AM

Re: Euro specifications?
Agree, there isn't much difference (the LED hint makes me curios, anyway) but the wiring in the US combines Turn and Brake signal in one wire which has to be split (two seperate whires) if you want to use an amber blinker in the backup light housing.

There is a thread in this forum explaining that they started doing it on one wire with 2007 GCs.
Question is, can you reprogram it with StarScan? So to use the body Backuplights for the blinker, keep the Tailgate Backuplights and us the Body Turn/brake lights for the brakes.

Suther 12-31-2011 09:23 PM

Re: Euro specifications?
Thanks to Robert,

I traced some circuits back and sketched a wiring diagram for the rear lights. Anybody have a look and I appreciate every feedback to improve the drawing.

Apparently just recoding won't work, as the body backup lights and the lift gate backup lights are on the same circuit. I have to rewire from the TIP to the taillights.

Here my sketch;

Happy new year

Suther 12-31-2011 09:25 PM

I am here:,-76.090095

Milous 01-01-2012 02:24 PM

Re: Euro specifications?
1 Attachment(s)
See attached PDF.

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