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JoePistone 12-01-2011 02:14 AM

Video Thread: Tutorials
I was looking around for a thread that showed videos of how to set up different things in the WK2, how to do some simple mods, or even just videos of people sharing some knowledge on other WK2 stuff such as "how to approach" a certain sort of climb or whatever. Really the options are endless. These videos don't have to be you and your WK2, they can be videos you find on youtube.

I thought this may also help out people who come in from the "NEW WK2 CROWD" that cause such a stir, as it will help them understand their vehicle and the ability/usage of their vehicles. I personally am a new member and still waiting for the moon to align (finances) so I can finalize my WK2. I have enough knowledge and experience with cars to goof around and figure out any little functional piece that I may not know of already but some people may not be bothered to do so or may not have the knowledge on how to do so.

Therefore, this thread has been opened. I apologize if this thread has already been done. I searched for it and couldn't find one. If it already exists, mods you can close this one down or even delete this thread. Anyways, just thought it'd be helpful to share information with the whole board. Be it novice/noobs, intermediate, or even advanced WK2 owners. Whatever information in a video you find useful or if you'd like to make a video to share as a "tutorial" with the board feel free to do it here!

Alright guys, I'll start it off with this YouTube channel that explains the absolute basics of certain functions in the JGCWK2. Nothing complicated but if someone is new to Jeep and new to all the technology in the WK2, this will be very helpful.

Enjoy guys, can't wait to see some JG user made videos. I'm going to try and figure out some sort of tutorial video to get up once I'm up and running with my WK2.

EDIT: Even though that channel doesn't show JEEP tutorials, they do have some up. Here's a video they've made specifically for jeep as the others on the channel seem to be mainly for DODGE products.

12167jeep 12-01-2011 06:14 PM

Re: Video Thread: Tutorials
A man that quotes Jeremy Clarkson gets a :thumbsup: from me!

JoePistone 12-02-2011 12:37 AM

Re: Video Thread: Tutorials
Haha yeah I think he's way too funny. It's a shame some people take his words "too seriously" when he's joking about 95% of the time and then ends up having to make so many public apologies because people got their panties twisted and couldn't tell it was a joke/sarcasm.

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