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hofmania 12-02-2011 02:49 PM

Time to think about lemon law?

I know I haven't been super active on the forum yet, but I hope I can still get some responses in my plea for help!

I bought a 2011 JGC LaredoX 4x4 back in July and have been having issues ever since. There are only 4300 miles on the car...

1. Upon Purchase - Steering wheel controls stopped working upon driving off the lot. Returned, fixed. Several fuses were shorted out.

2. Noticed odd throttle response, strange shifting behavior, erratic RPMs and strange behavior associated with the ETC and the transmission. I returned once again to get this checked out. Was told the computer did not relay any issues. Furthermore, some of the air vents failed to work properly AND the interior map lights and other front of car electronics failed to work. Diagnosis here was that someone had put a screw through the main wire!

3. Driving was still terrible so I returned again, armed with a better description, drove the tech around. Was told "This feels normal". Guess what? It's not. Especially when passengers complain about how crappy it feels.

4. Return this time now armed with a TSB and information from this forum. Kept the car overnight. Said nothing could be done.

Here's the kicker...

Drove the car on the highway a bunch. Smooth sailing, but anytime there was a change of pace, a hill or a turn, it was obvious how much the Jeep was struggling.

5. After being garaged for about a month, the car was driven for about 15 minutes. It overheated. Pulled over, cooled down within 5 minutes, oil temp read L. Strange. Drove about 10 more minutes when I noticed a strange grinding/clanking noise coming from the engine bay. I knew I needed to get to a dealership. Car completely shut down 1.5 miles away. Pushed the car to the dealership

Current Diagnosis: Due to poor manufacturing craftsmanship (as stated by the dealer) a specific clamp was not properly installed that holds the coolant hose to the radiator. So it wiggled off, poured coolant all over the engine. Shorted out the electronics and allowed the engine to overheat. They are now digging for other major issues.


Whoever put this vehicle together obviously was having a rough day at the plant! My girlfriend and her family work for GM and have told me how unacceptable this is. Just curious if anyone can provide me with guidance on what to do next. I don't feel comfortable with the future of this vehicle or the safety of it's operation. I just want to start over...

Really appreciate any and all help.

- Adam

GroupW 12-02-2011 03:03 PM

Re: Time to think about lemon law?
I would go to the general manager and talk with him. Tell him that when you bought a Jeep you thought you were purchasing a quality car. Tell him that you know Jeeps are excellent cars and this is not what you expected when you purchased it. Give him a list of all the problems you've encountered as well as the solutions provided by the dealership. Ask him to take it back under the lemon laws. The dealership will probably refer you to the Corporate Offices. Tell the GM that you need him to help you through the process. I did this with a Lexus and it worked for me. I had a new Lexus within a week and the dealership threw in chrome wheels for free. Also, the GM mentioned that he was impressed that I didn't yell and threaten a law suit. He told me that my approach made a difference in how Lexus handled the situation. I hope this helps.

robpp 12-02-2011 03:25 PM

Re: Time to think about lemon law?

you answered your own question. at least at the dealer level.

one of my best friends just came back from test driving a summit. he also drove the ML. he asked my opinion. I said the Summit is the best BUY.......the dirrerence will be in AFTER CARE and Dealer customer service. He has an infiniti FX45 and I know he gets a loaner even when he in for an oil change.......told him to ask the Jeep dealer about that.

my MAIN point is while the FACTORY seems to have gotten some handle on things the LOCAL DEALER has missed the boat on any kind of customer service.

When i spend 50-60K of my hard earned GREENBACKS on something I want to be treated respectfully after the sale. and during service visits, etc.
now some MAY have the local dealer that is ACES I can say I have been to them all around the Denver area and they ALL SUCk ASS.


2005JGC 12-03-2011 10:44 AM

Re: Time to think about lemon law?
I know of at least one 11 grand at my dealership that had the same issue with the motor... let me preface this with I was not the one to work on it, but from what I remember it came in one time with the hose blown off, the hose was put back on and cooling system function was verified. The hose came off again this time on a road trip and the vehicle ended up getting a motor. I cannot remember what chrysler tech support was suggesting at the time was the "likely cause" reguardless they didnt want the motor torn down, they sent an entire longlock out to replace it so they could tear down and deturmine the cause.

I dont care what service department you go to lexus or jeep (while I agree lexus>jeep, they know how to treat a customer more often than not), you are STUPID to go in telling people how its going to be like a flaming lunatic (at ANY dealer). I have said it before and I will say it again, your dealing with people not robots and not that this is an excuse for poor customer service its simple psycology and a natural defence mechanism for people to clam up... NO one likes to give assholes what they want no matter how much they deserve it, and you give them a reason to not like you, spending time to make sure your problem is solved is not as big of a priority. But if you come in calm and collected, you may not get what you want from the onset but continue up the food chain till you get a ear that wants to hear about your problems and help to resolve the situation. Not to mention your blood pressure will thank you.

I am sorry to hear about your problems and wish you luck in getting this mess resolved however best suits you.

hofmania 12-03-2011 11:33 AM

Re: Time to think about lemon law?
Really appreciate the replies. If anyone has any tips or tricks they've come across over the years, please let me know.

And if anyone has a way of finding out who the regional representative is for Jeep that covers Kansas City, that would be super helpful!

BigTicket13 12-06-2011 09:58 AM

Re: Time to think about lemon law?
Honestly, living in the state of the big three. I would contact someone at the corporate level. I would begin by writing letters to the warranty department, customer service, R&D department, etc. I would include all the negative but at the same time tell them how you are a long time jeep owner, drive american blah blah blah. The people at the corporate level are completely different. Tell them you want them to stand by there product.

As for the Lemon law from my understanding it has to be a continous problem of one kind or very similar. Again I am not sure but I remember reading alittle bit about it when I had a saab 9-3 that just continued to find its way back to the dealership.

Type site is about the lemon law in Kansas, the second is where the jeep customer service is located here in Michigan. To me I would pound them daily with emails, letters, sing a grams it dosen't matter.

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