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readingbabelfish 12-03-2011 01:44 AM

Clunking Noise After Lift
Hello all,

I put a rro bb lift on my 07 wk. The passenger side keeps making a clunking noise as I drive over bumps or potholes. Not too bad, but it seems to be on the downswing of the tire. I looked at my strut assembly and the jounce bumper is freely moving up and down the strut shaft. The drivers side is permanently in place in the upper cup and no noises from that side. Occasionally the passenger side will stop making noise and I looked when this occurred, and the jounce bumper was up seated in the cup. However, it comes down at times and makes a clunking noise. I have no idea how to reseat this thing, if its indeed causing the noise somehow, without taking the whole assembly and spring off... I really do not want to do that... Any ideas? Thanks!

readingbabelfish 12-03-2011 02:21 PM

Re: Clunking Noise After Lift
All right, update... After some more troubleshooting, I found that the shock shaft (chrome) was able to wiggle around without that bumper in place. Apparently the bolt on top of the shaft that tightens down to the strut mount plate is not all the way tightened down as it can be. It doesn't move much, but by getting a screwdriver in the tower hole from the engine bay, and with the bump stop at the bottom of the shaft out of its cup, I could move the shock shaft around. I could see where the bolt on top of the shaft would move and hit the bb lift plate when i went over bumps without the jounce bumper to hold the shaft in place. So as a temporary fix, I managed to wedge the shaft into the correct position from the engine side, and slid the bump stop up into its cup and wedged it in pretty good with another screwdriver. Test drove after that and no clunk. Until I can get the whole thing apart, this will have to do, and if I have to keep wedging the bumper into place, I will. So bottom line is, I need to tighten that bolt down all the way, and see why the bump stop keeps coming loose. But until then, I'll live with the bolt occasionally hitting the plate. No major damage, and I at least know the thing isn't going to explode... Thought you all would like to know what the noise was...

mrtosh 12-05-2011 02:01 PM

Re: Clunking Noise After Lift
That's a pretty common mistake when installing new struts or lift. You can notch the opening in the strut tower and tighten the nut without removing the whole assembly.

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