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12167jeep 12-07-2011 01:32 PM

Liftgate open leak
Ive noticed water marks on the interior plastic trim before and even the right rear tiedown ring was filled with water and rusted but didnt know where it came from. Ive looked on the interior of the glass and didnt find any water drops or marks but today i think i caught it. Its raining now and i opened up the liftgate and noticed water on the interior of it where the lights are and noticed a bead of water running up towards the front of the jeep where the glass seals to the liftgate. So im guessing water is on the lip of the liftgate where the glass seals to it and when i open the entire liftgate water runs between the glass and seal and leaks down inside when i close it again. Ive looked at other threads but they refer to the top of the glass, anyone else notice this?

Biggie65792000 01-31-2012 01:56 AM

Re: Liftgate open leak
I noticed a dried streak on the rear window. I put the rear wiper washer on and it didn't clean it. Upon further inspection i noticed it was on the inside. So the rear glass has a small leak when it rains. I haven't pinpointed where it's leaking. Going to bring it in the shop and see if the will replace the weatherstripping if i can't figure anything else out.

Ratchet 01-31-2012 07:24 AM

Re: Liftgate open leak
Biggie, it's comming from the grommet in the middle of the glass, at the top.

"Water leaking - running down the center inside of the backlight/glass
Remove spolier attachment screws on the inner side of the glass and the two at the hinges. Roll the spoiler toward the roof of the vehicle. Remove the outer harness retained at the lower half of the spoiler allowing spoiler to extend out of the way. Inspect the grommit for proper fit to the glass. Apply Kent High Tech Clear P10567 to the grommit face to glass sealing area and harness to grommit inner areas. Allow proper cure time as instructed."

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