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Cherodude 12-10-2011 09:19 PM

Heads-up about Battery compartment underbody plugs
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An inquiry from member Innkeepers got me started on this item.

Apparently in Oz a magazine road test had one issue during their testing of the WK2: during a water fording, water entered the body via the battery compartment drain plugs, which had become damaged during an earlier part of their road test.

Sure enough, the underside of the battery compartment is not protected by skid plates, and the plugs are on a part of the floor that projects downward. One of the plugs bulges down so is especially exposed. If the plugs become damaged (say by a hard rock scrape), they could come loose or be partly sheared off. Then water could get by them into the vehicle.

Yeah, that would be an unlucky sequence of events, but forewarned is forearmed. I'll add some fast setting adhesive to the Jeep tool kit in case repairs are needed on the trail.

Good luck out there! :thumbsup:

Innkeepers 12-10-2011 11:54 PM

Re: Heads-up about Battery compartment underbody plugs
Great Follow up and thanks for taking the time. Yes, that would be a real problem in a water crossing and you wouldn't know that the drain bungs had been damaged until you were up to your ankles in water inside your vehicle. I feel a cover plate to protect the plugs is the only way to have peace of mind.

Thanks again

J13ntv 12-11-2011 09:42 AM

Re: Heads-up about Battery compartment underbody plugs
When I was having issues with water in the battery compartment about a year ago, I went to the dealer. A lot of people probably wouldn't know or take the time to look after the repair, but the first thing I checked before I even left the dealer was the plugs, I noticed they just one off.. and left it off to "air out". I went back to the water "doctor" and he supposedly just wanted to let it drain/air out, but then why didn't he leave the plug in my console etc. Anyways, I got another plug and put it back in a day or two later.

1st - how would I know if he really fixed the water issue and merely just isn't letting it drain now instead of build up

2nd - It allows the chance of water to come from the street

Regardless - it happened again a month or so later and water was in the battery box. This time he resealed the battery box, also sealing my plugs with this black glue stuff he has.

Moral of this story - There is something that is made for rubber/metal which does the job nicely on sealing the plugs if you want too.

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