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Jinx 12-11-2011 03:21 PM

Got Stuck
Hi all
Today I got really stuck in my 04 WJ:mad::mad::mad:
I had it half on a icy road and half of it in very deep snow, the snow was about 1 meter deep.
It was so stuck it wouldn´t move even with a friend of mine with his 06 Durango was trying to pull me up but nothing.
So I called for help and got a 19 tonn truck with all wheel drive to pull me up.
But I found out there is nothing in the front of my car to tow it.:mad::mad:
It was difficult but finally after 90 minutes we got it on the road again.
I tore of the mud guard in my right front and broke the electric outlet for the towing hitch in the rear.
Were can I get some towing hitches or hooks or something so I can pull it forward?
If I would have been able to pull it forward then it wouldn´t have been a problem.
Hope someone knows where to buy.


JeepMe 12-11-2011 03:50 PM

Re: Got Stuck
I know nothing about these hooks, I just found them w/ a Google search.

I have the factory tow hooks (found them on Craigslist) and the one thing I don't like about them is that the hooks "hook down". Since there's nothing to hold straps in the hooks, you always have to keep tension on the strap or it'll fall off. The straps linked are "hook up" so that doesn't happen.

Might I recommend that you invest in a shovel and maybe a come-along. A folding camp shovel works good and fits in the spare tire well. With those two tools, you can almost always get yourself out of a situation if there's another vehicle.

2005JGC 12-12-2011 02:40 PM

Re: Got Stuck
Yeah those are for the front... I was just looking at a set on a wj overland the other day, only thing I dont like about them is they face down, at least on the wk the hook opening is facing up so any slack on the rope it will remain on the hook, the wj it would just fall off with slack. I would look around for aftermarket options on the google.

Jinx 12-12-2011 03:30 PM

Re: Got Stuck
I´ve got a shovel and I dug a hole the size of a large house in the snow but it didn´t do me no good the car sat on the side of the road and wouldn´t move.
A guy that lives next to this place came on his Landcruiser on 49 inch wheels and when he saw how stuck I was he wouldn´t even try to pull me up.
I´ve been looking on ebay to find those hooks and they are no good when they hook down.
I´m going to make my own and see how that looks and goes.
Thanks for the advise


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