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mosier 12-13-2011 11:51 AM

DynoMax 4.7 Gen 2 Exhaust
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Thought I would share my exhaust install on my 2008 WK with the 4.7 Gen 2. Since I have spent some time in one of the companies new 300C's, that’s what I wanted as far as sound goes for my Jeep. Nice little rumble at idle, low rumble in the cab, no resonance and as the revs climb it quietly dissipates as you approach redline, with a soothing crescendo inside the cab. After talking to my mechanic and looking at several options, I decided to try the DynoMax Super Turbo, large case and leave the stock resonator in. After all, I was looking for sound first and foremost, not power. (Even though this engine is "only" rated at 305bhp, it's one strong sum-bitch out on the interstate:)) Results-Perfecto! No resonance at ANY rpms/speed. Only thing he had to do was tweak the mounting points for the rear section of tailpipe as once the weight of the “suitcase” muffler was off, that rear section of pipe moved just enough for the heat shielding to touch the chassis, resulting in a low rpm “buzz/rattle” you could hear in the cab. Once that was fixed, no issues what-so-everJ Nice rumble in the cab without being obtrusive. I just love it! Nothing to fancy, simple, effective:) Attached are some pictures of the factory "suitcase" muffler, and looking inside, it doesn’t seem really that restrictive for a factory muffler. But boy is that thing HUGE! Also I have included the DynoMax part number and a size comparison. I tried recording the sound from my cell, but it does not do it justice. If anybody wants to share some tips on that, I will try again and up load the sound file on here. I use an HTC EVO4.

Scottina06 12-13-2011 11:54 AM

Re: DynoMax 4.7 Gen 2 Exhaust
maybe a simple vid from your evo and upload it to photobucket?

mosier 12-13-2011 12:54 PM

Re: DynoMax 4.7 Gen 2 Exhaust
I guess I could try that. I can't just post the vid here? Probably be to large. I would have to join Photobucket, as I have never had to use it. Biggest point I want to make is how remarkable and simple the DynoMax was in changeing the exhaust note to something totally different from the stock sound to the same type of "rumble" from our companies 300C:) This just made such a world of difference in driveing enjoyment with no resonance, no drone:) I love getting asked "That got a Hemi in it? Where's the factory Hemi badge?":) And I get to reply "Nope, 4.7 SOHC Gen Two.":):)

mosier 12-13-2011 01:19 PM

Re: DynoMax 4.7 Gen 2 Exhaust
Just went outside and got a vid with the HTC EVO 4 phone. Sounds like crap. All you hear is static and what-not from outside. You hear it, but the quality is poor. If anybody has some tips, I'll be glad to get a vid for you as I feel this setup is fantastic for the 4.7 Gen 2 folks who are on the fence about what to get for better sound:) Thanks.

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