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JoePistone 12-14-2011 04:37 AM

Story for today.
So I'm on my way back to the office from a meeting about 15 minutes drive from my office.

I start to notice a person flashing me with his headlights from behind. I pay more attention and it's a Gray WK.

He pulls up next to me and rolls down his window, so I roll down mine. He smiles and says nice ride and waves. I'm slightly confused at first thinking "shouldn't he have waved first?" Then I realized "it's a jeep thing" so I waved back. We ended up pulling over and talking for a brief 15-20 minutes.

Turns out he was thinking about trading in his WK for a WK2 but said he didn't want to because he felt the new hemi WK2 should be more powerful than his v8 WK. We talked some more and I told him that you must realize this car weighs a lot more and there is modding potential just like the WK but it's a different kind of truck. I know it sound silly but I explained to him that being able to go off road with the power that is already present and all the luxury is beyond what I could expect. I told him at first I wasn't too bothered about options and luxury but now that I have them I wouldn't trade them for the world. I showed him the variable suspension and I think he was sold.

I gave him the number of the gent at the dealer that dealt with me when I bought my WK2 (who btw was the most helpful salesperson in any sort of purchase I've ever made in my life). Hopefully this WK'er will be happy with trading it in for his WK2.

Anyways, I was just surprised. Apparently, "it's a jeep thing" reached Kuwait. I didn't even know about it until I got on this board. I know it's supposed to be for Wranglers but apparently it's become an overall JEEP thing.

Anyways, some may find this story boring but I thought it was interesting to share my first experience with a totally random JEEP driver in Kuwait. He was super nice though my semi-decent arabic skills and his semi-decent english skills were kinda going back and fourth lol. Was still fun none the less. Oh and I forgot to mention, he also told me if I wanted anything for my Jeep, his friend owns a garage here that could hook me up. I told him I'd be buying my parts from vendors on a forum I'm a part of but I might use his garage to install any parts I buy if I don't do em myself.

What a lovely day it is indeed :)

JeepGuy026 12-14-2011 05:49 AM

That's an awesome story! I do the jeep wave, I don't think it's vehicle specific :)

JoePistone 12-14-2011 06:14 AM

Re: Story for today.
I've read on the board that some people are quite hardcore about it being a Wrangler only thing, Then I've read it's a "lifted" jeep thing. Then I've read it applies to all Jeeps. Regardless of what kinda thing it is, I'm impressed at the passion behind owning a jeep. This is my first Jeep vehicle. I came from driving a Nissan Pathfinder (2000 3.5L) and a 1999 restoration Porsche 996. I've come to see the passion behind having a Jeep to be the same passion behind owning a Porsche. It's wonderful.

I am loving this jeep more and more every darned second I drive it.

Oh and :wavey: hah!

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