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07wkflex 12-21-2011 05:23 PM

wk suspension drop/tire fitment..and more
Hey everyone, new to the site and need some info/advice. My 8th and current jeep is an 07 wk 4.7, (hence the creative username). In the past i have either left my truck mostly stock or lifted them. After feeling the need for a little more out of my commute i have decided to head towards handling, braking, and power in that order. First question, i just installed a set of Yokohama geolander at 245/65/17 3 months ago, winters here in ny can get a bit crazy and id like to keep these wheels/tires as my winter set, how much lower if at all, can i go while still using this combo without rubbing? Next, addco sways, who has used them?, reviews? Next, brakes...has anyone used the PowerStop rotor/pad set? Reviews? And finally...power, b/c of the lack of power addons, leaning toward a 5.7 hemi crate swap...i have seen a few threads with people talking about it, has anyone been successful?
P.s, in regards to the wheels i want to use for other 3 seasons...22" viper replicas...or what other recommended sizes.
....the site is great BTW a ton of useful info, and advice!


Scottina06 12-21-2011 06:28 PM

Re: wk suspension drop/tire fitment..and more
give this thread a look

But with stock size like can slam your WK on Bwoodys!

I had a front addco sway bar and the fitament was terrible. I suggest the SRT sway bars from use coupon code jeepgarage5 for 5% more off. All you need are the bars and bushings/brackets.

Powerstop makes really good rotors...but stay away from their pads. Try the Wagner thermoquiets or Bendix.

A 5.7 swap is very possible...but gonna be a little expensive.

Theres the 22" viper and SRt replicas....both are sick on the wk. factory reproductions in the vendors forums can hep you there.

07wkflex 12-21-2011 06:58 PM

Re: wk suspension drop/tire fitment..and more
Thanks Scott!,
Sounds like Bwoodys it will be and im going to call dealer about srt bilsteins tomorrow. Think sways will be first...any other bushings i should pick up at dealer before i put the truck on a lift? And after the Bwoodys/bilsteins what tire sizes will fit 20" and/or 22" wheels....going with staggered 9" and 10" width? And not needed anytime soon, but given i have a mild 5.7 hemi, what else is needed/or reusable...i know tranny/drivetrain is good but harnesses? Computer? And has anyone done the swap that you can put me in touch with?
Once again, thanks for your advice and fast response!

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