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diesel2fast4u 12-27-2011 06:42 AM

Lets (try) to kick some hemi a$$ :)
Hi everybody,

My first post, thought hell why not a good one.

I am not new to Jeep / Chrysler. For several years I was an indepandent product trainer here in Belgium.
Also I have had a 300C CRD SRT design on wich I putted 230.000 km in nearly 3 years.

I purchased 2 weeks ago a Black Grand Cherokee S-Limited from 2007 with 130,000 km

Now, I always loved the GCSRT8 , but here in Belgium it's just not realistic to drive more than 80,000 km a year on petrol....

So I decided to build myself a real SRT - Diesel.

What do I mean with "real"

Well I purchased :
- Brand new GCSRT8 front seats, those were my first mod (came from a left hand drive car so I have now L and R height adjustable seats)
- Front & back Brembo's with discs
- Front & back SRT8 bumpers & side skirts
- Front & back springs & dampers (original SRT8)
- Complete SRT8 exhaust system (this is a real challange as I have a hitch & don't want to loose it)
I still need the rear sway bar, but I am going to install first all this...

So far for the body mods. But with looks like SRT8 I need a little more oumpf if you now what I mean.

I think that the OM642, the V6 320 cdi mercedes engine is a great engine... , with huge power potential (they presented in 05 or 06 a 320SLK diesel with a tripple turbo concept pushing 285HP & more then 700nm)

Problem with this engine is the tiny wheeny supercharger from garrett the 2056 and no matter what people think or tuning box guys say, to get more then 260 HP out off this charger is not possible.

Due to the fact that the turbocharger is installed in the V of the engine, it's very hard to upgrade the turbocharger....


Mercedes has made a new 350cdi engine with standard from the factory 265 HP and they do this with a new turbo from garrett the GTB2260VKLR.
Water cooled ball bearing & able to make 330 HP

Guess what I recieved in the mail today :) :)

And let's see what DPF removal, EGR blocking, GTB2260VKLR, SRT8 exhaust & a tuner with experience will get out off this diesel...

More pics will follow :thumbsup:

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