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mjl2610 12-31-2011 01:50 PM

Best way to change power steering fluid
I would like to know the best way to go about completely changing the power steering fluid. This is regarding my mothers 2003 WJ 4.7 H.O. with the hydraulic PS and cooling system. This is not regarding my 2006 WK that has the appropriate PS fluid in it. A few years back , one of the lines from the power steering system was leaking and it was taken to a Jeep dealer to be replaced.

The dealer did whatever they needed to do, and i assume, they changed or replaced the fluid. The reason is because i was checking the power steering fluid the other day because of the pump whine (which it has been for a long time) thinking it might be low, which it was, but noticed that the fluid is bright red.

I am under the impression that there is ATF fluid in the system and not the hydraulic stuff as recommended by the owners manual. Assuming this, a dealer screwup, I had used a basting tool for cooking to suck all this red crap out of the PS reservoir and filled it with the clear recommended fluid. This was only to be seen mixed with the red again by being pumped thru the system.

Being that the vehicle has been used so much with the ATF should i worry? At this point in time i have ATF and Hydraulic fluid pumping thru the system.

If I should go about resolving this what should i do?
How many quarts of fluid do i need? Its like 18 bucks a qt... :\

Thanks for the assistance in advance,


Crestwood1001 12-31-2011 01:57 PM

Well in ur situation u have a few options, I don't know the layout of the system on that jeep but you can try and find a low part of the system and disconnect a hose there and drain it, but you should still run some clear fluid through to flush it.
What I would do is suck out what you can, fill it with the good fluid, turn the wheel lock to lock a few times and suck it out again, repeat till its mostly clear after it mixes.

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mjl2610 12-31-2011 02:03 PM

Re: Best way to change power steering fluid
Thanks much for that recommendation, however, I can see myself going through A LOT of fluid to just flush it. Need to know if there is a proper way to drain or how to go about this in another way.

01grand 12-31-2011 05:59 PM

Re: Best way to change power steering fluid
you can pull the return hose off the bottom of the reservoir, this will drain all the fluid from the resevoir, but will leave the fan, steering gear, and cooler full still. This system is kinda over complicated and can't really be fully drained any way that I can think of. I did the method where you siphon it out of the reservoir and refill, and repeat a few times on my old ZJ, and only ended up using 1 full quart (although that system probably held a lot less).

Not sure where you are getting it that its so expensive, the Valvoline brand meets the MS5931 spec and I can find it for $6 a quart at Advance or O'reillys.

mjl2610 01-01-2012 11:33 AM

Re: Best way to change power steering fluid
Well that is good to know that I can get valvoline brand. I was getting it from the chrysler dealer...

01grand 01-01-2012 12:51 PM

Re: Best way to change power steering fluid

Originally Posted by mjl2610 (Post 543689)
Well that is good to know that I can get valvoline brand. I was getting it from the chrysler dealer...

Yep! It says so right on the bottle. I was happy to find that out too, I try to avoid the dealership when I can. The only fluid I have bought there is the NV247 transfer case fluid, but that was before I found out it was the same at mobilfluid 424.

Frango100 01-01-2012 06:09 PM

Re: Best way to change power steering fluid
When i changed my power steering fluid, i removed the lower hose from the hydraulic fan motor and let the engine run until it started to make a strange sound. You must then imediately shut down the engine, to prevent pump damage. You will never get all fluid out, or you would have to remove all components and let it drain out. As long as most of it is out, you could fill it once and flush it out again. When the reservoir is filled again, remove the connector from the coolant fluid (in between alternator and AC pump). This will let the hydraulic cooling fan go to full speed, decreasing the time to bleed the system. When the hydraulic pump starts making a strange noise again, shut down the engine and refill the reservoir. Many times a lot of foam will be in the reservoir, so then wait for a few minutes to let it return to fluid and refill. If the level stays stable and there is no more noise, make some full left/right turns, to bleed out all air from the system. Do NOT keep the steering wheel in full lock for prolonged times, because this will increase the pump pressure a lot and can cause pump damage. At the end check the fluid level again and top off when necessary. (and donīt forget to reconnect the coolant temp sensor again). After some days of driving, check the level again, because there can always be some air left behind in some corner.
If the pump makes a strange noise, its a sign that there is still some air in the system, or the level is too low.

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