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oysham 01-02-2012 08:02 AM

REJ and iSimple ISCH73 problem
Hi everyone

I recently got myself a 05 Grand Cherokee 3.0CRD and I would really like to hook my stereo up to a iPod/iPhone.

I have a REJ unit, which is the EU version of the REC model used in the US ..I think, been googling for several hours now :)

Anyhow, I ended up ordering the iSimple ISCH73 kit, international customers confirmed REJ -support.
Its all installed now, the iSimple got power and its all correctly connected, but I dont get the Chp1/Chp2 (iPod/Aux) option when I hit MODE. So, where to start troubleshooting. I have a few ideas on where to start, but Im not very familiar with the REJ yet.

1. Its supposed to emulate the VES, which I do not have. Could that be the problem, is there a trick that makes the unit detect new input sources?

2. Since its a 05 I thought maybe the REJ firmware is really outdated, but I cant figure out how to update it. Some say the firmware comes with the NAV-disc, others say it doesnt.(?) At the moment Im running 56038650AD which is a late 2005. I have downloaded the EU AG version, so when I find a DL burner Ill check that out.

Thats where Im at, if anyone have some knowledge to share it will be highly appreciated :)


oysham 01-02-2012 02:18 PM

Re: REJ and iSimple ISCH73 problem
Ah, the NAV disc does in fact have firmware updates, but only some of them. The AG version I found doesnt have them, of course :D


5064033AE was released on September 15, 2006 and contains significant increases in the map data section and new subdivisions. The "AE" disc also automatically updates the firmware the first time it is loaded. This UDF format dual-layer disc contains 7.59 GB of data.
If anyone have a link to the AE -EU version, please poke me. I think its named 56038650AE. I know we should buy these discs ..but I just want a little firmware update to get the full potential of the player, and maybe get the AUX activted. I dont give a damn about the maps to be honest. I think $2-300 is a bit steep for a software update.


AG version note: This disc contains map updates only, there are no software or firmware updates. Once this disc has been installed in the radio you can still load and use the prior "AF" disc (using the "AF" disc will display the "AF" mapping, using the "AG" disc will display "AG" mapping).

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