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beto4632 01-03-2012 01:44 AM

99 Laredo Tune Up
Im thinking of doing a tune up on my 99 jeep laredo, Its currently on the 147,XXX any suggestions on what i should change out? Other than the normal oil change. Just rotated my tires also. Just want to keep my baby running for the long drives ahed also any suggestions on spark plugs i have a 4.0L v6

Frango100 01-03-2012 07:19 AM

Re: 99 Laredo Tune Up
All depends on when previous maintenance was done. I will mention some:

Engine oil + filter
Engine air filter
Spark plugs
Changing engine coolant
Changing transmission fluid + filter + adjusting bands
Changing diff fluids
Changing T-case fluid
Changing brake fluid
Lubricate the brake caliper sliding pins
Lubricate the upper knuckle ball joint from front suspension
Check accessory drive belt for cracks and/or glazing and change if needed.

Regarding spark plugs, i heared that the original Champions are the best.
By the way, your engine is a I6:p

JeepMe 01-03-2012 09:40 AM

Re: 99 Laredo Tune Up
I won't say this is an extensive list, but if I were going to do a tune up here's what I would change.

* I would flush the coolant system. Get all the old stuff out and replace it with new stuff.

* I would drain the tranny fluid and replace it with new fluid (also replace filter). Unless you've done regular fluid changes here, I would not have the tranny flushed w/ 150k miles on it. Just new fluid.

* Replace the spark plugs.

* Replace the fuel filter

* Replace the air filter

* Drain and replace the differential fluids and TC fluid.

* Look over any control arms, bushings, belts, shocks, rear axle seals, etc for anything needing replaced.

If you really wanted to dig in further (but I personally wouldn't unless you have a problem) then I would also clean the IAC and throttle body. Check injectors to make sure they are giving a good spray pattern.

beto4632 01-05-2012 12:14 AM

Re: 99 Laredo Tune Up
Tnx Guys, i think i might take it to speede oil change, to see what they can do for me ima do what i can personally to save some $. Or would the dealer ship be better?

beto4632 01-05-2012 12:56 AM

Re: 99 Laredo Tune Up
I can probably change out the spark plugs thinking or replacing with champion double platinum and i can replace the air and cabin filter and the oil change. Where would you recommend to do the rest of the services?

Frango100 01-05-2012 07:59 AM

Re: 99 Laredo Tune Up
Not sure if the Champion double platinum will do any better then the standard copper core ones. I donīt have the experience, but i remember that i red somewhere that the standard copper core performs the best. maybe someone with this experience can confirm.
Changing the T-case fluid is very easy, only removing the fill and drain plugs (in this order, because sometimes the plugs are rotten in place, and it would be a pitty if you already removed the drain plug and then find out that you canīt get the fill plug out.................)
Also the differentials are not too difficult to do, however to reach the cover upper bolts on the aft diff, you have to raise the rear of the jeep to get access. Also the covers use RTV for sealing, so it takes some time to remove the old RTV and you have to carefully apply a nice bead of new RTV to make it fluid tight again. But also no magic overhere.

JeepMe 01-05-2012 08:40 AM

Re: 99 Laredo Tune Up

Originally Posted by beto4632 (Post 545821)
I can probably change out the spark plugs thinking or replacing with champion double platinum and i can replace the air and cabin filter and the oil change. Where would you recommend to do the rest of the services?

Unless someone installed the cabin air filter, you don't have one. None of the I6 WJ came from the factory w/ a cabin air filter.

If you can change the oil on the Jeep, you can change the TC fluid. I would also say that you can change the differential fluid (at least the front).

To change the TC fluid, you drain the old fluid out by removing a plug and pour new stuff in. Helpful hint, remove the fill hole BEFORE you drain the old fluid. This makes sure the fill hole isn't seized before you drain out all your fluid.

Changing the diff fluid is easy like Frango said. You don't even have to jack up the Jeep to change the front fluid. You just need a ratchet, socket, BRASS scraper (us a brass scraper so it doesn't gouge the diff metal), rubber mallet, and RTV. First, you remove the fill hole to make sure it's not seized (one diff has a metal plug and the other is a rubber stopper). You simply remove the bolts holding on the cover. Loosen, but leave the top bolt in place. Put a pan under the diff and use a mallet to gently hit the cover and break the seal and let all the fluid drain out. Then remove the top bolt and cover. Using the brass scraper, remove all the old RTV from the cover and the differential. Apply new RTV to the cover (making sure there's no air gaps) and reapply the cover to the differential. Fill with new fluid (make sure you add any limited slip additive if you need it). The rear is the same except you have to jack up the Jeep and let the suspension hang full down to get access to all the bolts.

If you can change the oil, you can change these fluids.

beto4632 01-07-2012 06:14 PM

Re: 99 Laredo Tune Up
Thanks guys ill keep updating stuff if i need help with another problems i may face. Thank YOU

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