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Jahkneefive 01-04-2012 12:42 PM

Flyin Tranny Tune Road Trip Test
Took a 1,600 mile road trip over the holiday and figured it would be a good test of FlyinRyan’s new TCM tune. First off I want to mention that Ryan and David have been absolutely top notch when it comes to customer service. Per my other thread I had several issues with loading and they stayed with me every step of the way(seems Diablo and/or my early build date were the culprits).

So the road trip consisted of 75% interstate driving at 80-85mph, 10% at 60-70mph, and 15% 45mph stop and go. Jeep is a 05 Hemi QD2 with 40k on it. Original setup was an intake coupled with the Diablo canned tunes. I switched back and forth between all 3, but ended up settling on the 87 tune with 89 octane(best mix of mpg, performance, and what my wife felt drove the best for her). I come from a road racing background and have spent the majority of my life turning wrenches and/or behind the wheel racing. Though I’ve had a ton of experience with tuning software, this is my first run in with Diablo, so my opinions/finding may be different from the average daily driver.

The 3 big things you will notice right off the bat with the Flyin Tune is the redline is raised to 6,000rpms, a much more pronounced/deeper engine rev sound(mucho liked), and the shifts will feel slightly smoother vs. the canned Diablo tune. Partial throttle response and downshift was improved, especially in the low end of the power band and/or with 0-20% throttle position. While I have zero performance data to back this up, both my wife and I felt that WOT shifts were not as “connected”, and power felt slightly lagged in the upper rpm band transition. Again I have no empirical data so this is merely a personal observation.

MPG: Prior was 16.8 overall, Flyin was 15.1 interstate and 16.4 city. To me the city is a wash and the interstate drop was entirely driven by the increased partial throttle(passing downshifts) and higher redline, which isn’t a bad thing to anyone that has driven I-26 and needed to downshift quickly to pass a semi uphill. When passing people the Jeep was much more likely to downshift as opposed to staying in the same gear when easing on the throttle, again not a bad thing.

I initially ran the new tcm tune with the 93 octane pcm tune(they’ll need to edit your pcm file for the rpm add), but had a horrible issue with timing being pulled. So I ended up going back to the 87 octane modified pcm file with mid-grade(91 in FL 89 in SC) and had much better results (I didn’t have a modified 91pcm tune handy at the time). On a side note the canned 93 tune definitely needs some adjustments to function properly.

Overall I did like the tune and will continue to use it. 1-2 and 2-3 shifts especially under partial throttle were MUCH better over the Diablo tune. WOT and 3-4 shifts were still a tad laggy and I’m not sure if the tcm side needs to be tweaked or maybe some adjustments on the pcm side to match better with the tcm changes? It almost felt like timing was being yanked again which may have nothing to do with the changes Ryan/David made. Then again maybe its just me being anal. I will point out that I’m running stock exhaust and I feel that the raised redline really only benefits you if you’re running a less restrictive exhaust and/or significant modifications, but if you’ve ever looked at the stock tq/hp “x” you’d already know that as the ‘power’ falls off much earlier than 6k on stock vehicles. This may also be playing a role in my WOT opinions and someone with more mods would need to chime in for a definitive/more educated opinion.

Final verdict – Great tune and a noticeable difference over the canned Diablo tunes. For a stock WK you may want to leave the redline at stock, exhaust guys 6k limit is probably better choice for you.

Disclaimer – As pointed out above I’m essentially running a stock WK. Hopefully someone with moderate mods will take the time to do a similar review so the community has a more balanced/accurate review.

FlyinRyan 01-04-2012 05:18 PM

Re: Flyin Tranny Tune Road Trip Test

Thanks for the compliments and for the review, which I read as mostly positive.

It should be noted for everyone else that aside from troubleshooting the tune load, this is my first time hearing any of John's feedback in regards to the tune.

A few responses to some of your statements-

While 6k is safe, a lower WOT shift point would probably be better in your particular case. Most folks that have requested TCM tuning (regardless of PCM tune) seem to have intake and exhaust so the base program is tailored to the powercurve that is resultant of those mods or more.

Even for a bolt-on truck, what we are seeing is that the canned tunes, while serving as a halfway decent base to start tweaking from, need work. In several cases we have had to back down timing, and increase closed loop fueling to correct fuel trims.

When you say the 3-4 and WOT shifts lagged, are you saying that the shifts seemed soft? This to me seems indicative of timing being pulled, which will make both acceleration and shift recovery....sluggish, and flat. If if there is any knock (be it false or real) that forces timing retard, it takes a long time of zero-knock operation for it to 0 out.

We can certainly adjust the WOT shift points, and if you can produce a log, check out what's going on on the PCM side of things.

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