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joebuf1 01-05-2012 07:19 AM

Parkview Camera (reverse camera) Alignment
Hello all,

I have a problem with my Jeep and am hoping to get some help. When I bought it in July the reverse camera was aligned perfectly, and the middle hash static line in the display (the one used to align the hitch to a trailer) was spot on. The parking guide was also spot on, and the rear bumper was just barely visible on the bottom of the radio display with the car in reverse. Over time, the camera has shifted down slightly and is now a little crooked; about a centimeter or so of the bumper shows on the display, and the static parking guides aren't aligned properly because the camera is slightly tilted.

I took my Jeep in to the dealer yesterday and they told me that there's "nothing they can do" and I just need to use it this way.

Is this common? Is everybody else's reverse camera "not quite" aligned properly? It's not severely misaligned, but it's enough where the parking guide lines are useless. Thanks for any advice.


Ratchet 01-05-2012 07:34 AM

Re: Parkview Camera (reverse camera) Alignment
The hash marks on mine are off just a lil to the left. You can see about 2-3 veins of the pad on the bumper. Has been since I took delivery. Not really a big deal since I have had no trouble when using the backup cam.

I'll try and grab a pic when after the sun comes up. Lil dark right now.

Ratchet 01-10-2012 03:34 PM

Re: Parkview Camera (reverse camera) Alignment
Ok, so I got bored a lil while ago and tore into the rear view camera assembly to see if there was anything I could do. Unfortunately, the camera mount is secured by two 5mm bolts and the mount appears to be non adjustable. There is however a very small amount of play that will allow you to at least make a small adjustment.

Since the adjustment wasn't enough in my scenerio, I managed to use a few VERY thin spring washers to build a shim on the "low" side in hopes to compensate the difference. After the addition of the spring washers, I concluded that I needed only one more for the camera alignment to be perfect. Secured everything, reinstalled the liftgate cover, and now my camera hash marks are perfectly aligned with my hitch and the small amount of rear bumper that is visible is equal across the screen now.

joebuf1 01-11-2012 08:05 AM

Re: Parkview Camera (reverse camera) Alignment
Nice! How did the camera housing cover come off? I'm guessing it's clipped in, but can you let me know hwo you got it off? That's exactly what I was considering doing, but I didn't have the cajones to try to take the cover off yet. Thanks for any help!

And thanks again for trying that!

Ratchet 01-11-2012 08:33 AM

Re: Parkview Camera (reverse camera) Alignment
I really wish I would have had a camera during the process to document the process, unfortunately I didn't have one handy. It's quite simple and can be done in around 20-30 min.

1. Open liftgate.
2. Remove lower half of interior trim cladding on liftgate. There are the typical mopar plastic clips around the perimeter. A trim removal tool is suggested, but some folks prefer a flat blade screwdriver ot puddy knife. There is a triangular piece of bottom of trim that DOES NOT require removal in order to remove the entire liftgate trim.
3. Carefully lower the trim cladding so you can access the connectors for the 2 courtesy lights in trim panel.
4. Disconnect the connectors for lights and set trim cladding aside.
5. From the back side of the liftgate, locate and remove the 4x (10mm) nuts in the center of liftgate. These secure the outer trim strip on the outside of the liftgate. The nuts are about 10 inches apart from each other.
6. Lower the liftgate.
7. Gently pry on the center trim strip and it should seperate from the liftgate.
8. Flip trim strip upside down to access the camera. (I personally left all of the wiring connected to the strip as there is adequate room to work with and also not to disturb what I didn't feel the need to.)
**9. From the backside, draw an alignment mark on either the top or bottom of camera that extends to the mount so upon reassembly, you won't install the camera backwards by mistake.
10. Locate/remove the 2x (5mm) bolts that secure the camera mount.

(Optional)11. This step can be skipped, but you may remove the camera completely from the mount to take a closer look at it, touch it, share a story etc... Face it. We're all gearheads here and we are curious.

12. Depending on the misalignment of your camera, you will need to add some sort of "shim" to the lowest side of the camera mount to compensate. Place the shim(s) of choice UNDER the part of the camera mount which the bolt goes though. I personally used very thin "spring washers" to perform the necessary adjustments. These are paper thin unlike standard washers most people are familiar with. The center of the washers were appx 1/8" which was plenty of room for the mounting bolts to go through with no problem.
13. After you add the shims and reinstall the camera to the mount, reinstall the outer trip and secure via the 4x (10mm) nuts you previously removed.
14. Verify camera alignment. Add/remove washers as necessary.
15. Reinstall lower liftgate trim (Don't forget to connect the courtesy lights!!!)

armoredsaint 01-11-2012 01:34 PM

Re: Parkview Camera (reverse camera) Alignment
i always hate what a dealer tells you there's nothing they can do or it's normal. can't they just replace it with a new camera?

Ratchet 01-11-2012 03:28 PM

Re: Parkview Camera (reverse camera) Alignment

Originally Posted by armoredsaint (Post 550477)
i always hate what a dealer tells you there's nothing they can do or it's normal. can't they just replace it with a new camera?

Yes, but that may not solve the problem. It could be ever so slight manufacturing defects in the trim mold that causes the misalignment. Or, it could be small manufacturing imperfections in the camera mounting tabs. With the camera mount being plastic and said mount also bolting to plastic, I would think that over time (and many liftgate slams), that plastic is going to dry out and weaken thus causing more severe camera alignment issues.

Guess I'll have to get to work on a CNC'd billet camera mount. :)

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