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shmidii 01-09-2012 11:28 AM

Do I need to wash my jeep after offroading?
Do I need to wash it right afte offroading or can I let it stay all dirty for a week or 2? Will it scratch the paint or anything?

jlewissystem 01-09-2012 11:36 AM

Re: Do I need to wash my jeep after offroading?
Although i prefer my Jeep to be dirty and let it sit dirty for a while after i'm in ORT mode, i typically (minimally) power wash the undercarriage:

Possible negative affects are:
Rubber boots (CV boots) can dry out faster and rot the boot.
Dirt in the brake pads rotors - squeaking, wearing pads/rotors
Rocks in tires get flung on the road - (i like to let them hit beamers riding my a$$)
If you do have any damage/leaks from off-roading, the dirt/mud may cover it up.
Good point on the paint - mud/dirt should not mess up your paint, but if someone/something brushes up against it with mud/dirt on there, there's more potential for scratches.

I would say it's up to the owner, but i like to wash the underneath, more of an audit than anything - hope that helps - :thumbsup:

Good looking Jeep BTW :D

Martyp 01-09-2012 12:05 PM

Re: Do I need to wash my jeep after offroading?
I'd certainly clean the undercarriage. I've not had mine off road but have floored it on some grass/mud a few times at the side of a road etc. and always PW underneath it ASAP. I left it for a week once and it was caked on and a PITA to remove even with the PW.

Won't do any damage to the paintwork up top but as said if you or someone rubs against it then it will leave light scratches/swirls. Wouldn't worry about body as much as the underbelly though IMO.

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