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jlekanda 01-16-2012 09:53 AM

Jeep Compass 2011 Battery Drained
Hi everyone.
I need your help!

I bought a Jeep Compass Limited 70th Anniversary in Chile that has a factory flaw which, official dealer has been unable to repair. Succinctly, the Jeep has an ignition problem and the battery has been replaced 3 times in 5 months of use.
The car failed for the first time with 140kms only 7 days after its purchase in August. The car did not start even though no accessory or lights where left on as suggested by the dealer. The dealer changed my battery. In October, with 1400kms the same defect occurred and Jeep dealer completely checked the car for 10 days determining that there was no abnormal battery consumption. They proceed to change it again mentioning that the battery batch could have had a failure. On December 24th, the car again does not start and the battery is completely drained. The dealer does not know or is not able determine the cause of the automobile electrical system failure. The pattern of total discharge of the battery is every 2 months (August, October and December).

Anybody have a clue of what's the problem?


2005JGC 01-26-2012 02:28 PM

Re: Jeep Compass 2011 Battery Drained
My only suggestion would be to work on watching the vehicle closer, as you leave the vehicle monitor that the lights turn off on the interior, that there are no exterior lights on, the radio turns off so on and so fourth.

funny story that clearly is not you concern considering it is reguarding rear dvd in a chevy van, I worked with a guy who was a GM tech prior to his dealer shutting their doors. There was this van that kept coming in with a dead battery, they sent out engineers to perform tests and inspect the vehicle. The could not find anything. Finally GM decided they were going to buy the van back and got the wheels rolling on that process. It was shortly after that the guy came in and apologized profusely and said they no longer needed to buy the van back, he explained that he was walking past the garage one night and heard something, he went out into the garage to find his young son asleep in the back seat with a porn movie playing in the dvd player.

Something so intermittent I am absolutely not blaming you I am simply saying a couple things actually:

It will be (hopefully understandably) VERY difficult to diagnose if it does it one night every 2 months.

There may be a possibility something is being left on, not that you are leaving it on, there may be a module that is not shutting down intermittently or something, that would be why I made the suggestion to keep an eye on it, that way if you go in next time you can be armed with a little more information, the more information the better to help with something so intermittent.

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