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Bob WK2 01-26-2012 11:04 PM

AC On With Defroster?
When windows fog up, defroster runs without AC in my WK2 so it takes forever to clear. (Outside temp was about 20-25F).
Other cars I've owned including a WJ, windshield cleared in about a minute with the def on because the AC ran with it.
Anyone know if there is a way to get this to work, or is it a poor design?:confused:

77Cherokee 01-27-2012 10:20 AM

Re: AC On With Defroster?
If you press the AC button while the defroster is on will they both stay on, or is it either/or?

Archer9 01-27-2012 10:30 AM

Re: AC On With Defroster?
I believe all cars use the A/C for at least the first few minutes on defrost. After that the A/C will not come on automatically. I'm pretty sure that's how my WK works. If it doesn't come on at first startup then there's got to be a fault in the system.

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