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Angel 01-27-2012 03:31 PM

Exporting my 2010 WK2 to Germany

This year I will export my Grand Cherokee Laredo (4x4, X package, 430 RBZ radio without navigation) from the US to Germany. Anyone who did this already and can share experiences i.e. lessons learned?

I am thinking of:
- does the radio work there (even vs. uneven channels)?
- is there anything I can do here in the US prior to shipping it which will probably save me a ton of money (rear fog lights, side blinkers, etc.)?

Any hint would be much appreciated.

robpp 01-27-2012 03:43 PM

Re: Exporting my 2010 WK2 to Germany
do they require AMBER turns? If so you will need to procure some WH Export tails.

THEN figure out how to make them work. the export has a diff rear harness to allow for the lights. US not so much. In fact since you'll need the rear fogs too might make sense to buy a EXPORT rear harnes.

side markers are cheap 8-9 bux each....having the Cajones to cut your fender......PRICELESS. J/K I have them added not a big deal but you do need to CUT. i have a thread here with the part numbers.

the tails WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE HERE so might as well wait till you get there.

do you have projectors? you may need to add washers to them if you have them. AND you may even have to add them as they may be required.

thats about all I know.

Suther 01-27-2012 06:15 PM


Same problem here, but I have a little more time (2013 back).

However, have a look here

You need to work on;
- Taillights (body backup becomes amber, cut of blinker from brake signal; no new taillights needed, they are basically the same, just different sockets)
- Foglight (Mopar Foglight, Euro Lightswitch, StarScan coding to make the switch work and I haven't found out were to plug the Rear fog wires in to make the Euroswitch work as the manual only describes their connection to work simultaneously with the front fogs, there is a post about it)
- white front Parking lights (new bulb in the front lamps, use the parking light wire for them and keep the turn signal wire for the blinkers)
- VIN engraved in the metal frame (is behind the passenger seat)
- a towing capability in the front (either tow hooks or the Australian tow eye)
- no aftermarket wheels (should have a Jeep, Chrysler or Mopar name engraved in it)
- if you have HID you need a headlight washer system (aftermarket, or original kit, but I haven't figured out how complex it is
- the title

All this, plus the actual administrative work (that is really the pain, you need technical assessment on brakes, lights, structure, EMV, engine, emission, etc) is done by experienced garages for about 1500 Euros. There garages specialized to that, like Auto Mundt, Kalkofen, uscars24 etc. However, their solutions might be self constructed, not necessarily compliant with Chrysler work, so pay close attention. It is also a complete price, not sure if any self made work will reduce costs. It will give you confidence on how it is done though.

Ah, not to forget you should think about caveat waxing and underbody protection. Climate is a little different.

For more questions shoot me a PM if you want. Would be great to share your experience than as well.


robpp 01-27-2012 06:22 PM

Re: Exporting my 2010 WK2 to Germany
you are INCORRECT ON #1.

the 07+ US version provides 3 wires. park, blink/brake/ground. you need to figure out how to seperate the BRAKE SGNAL FROM THE BLINK SIGNAL that both come from one wire. there are 1-2 here that have used multiple relays and tapping into third brake light top make it happen. beyond that...BEST OF LUCK. the 05/06 here, which we can PnP the export tails like Scottina06, have a seperate wire for blink and brake and park. so the blink only goes to the AMBER. otherwirse whe nyou brake you will have both an amber and red NOT GONNA PASS /

i only speak like I know what I am talking about becuase I do know what I am talking about.

good luck/

ENFORCER 01-28-2012 12:46 AM

Re: Exporting my 2010 WK2 to Germany
My hint would be sell it in the USA and buy a local car if you are wanting a local Jeep.
It would be way to costly to do all the transport and compliance to be worthwhile, unless you are in the military and the relocation is only temporary.

Suther 01-28-2012 04:36 PM


Robpp you are right, I was just short in my post at #1 as I said "cut of blinker from brake signal", I extensively worked on that in my post to which the link goes. The physical taillights are the same despite the sockets, just the backup becomes the blinker.

Doing the splitting self is definitely not easy, especially as the wire diagram is difficulty to get.
You can work around with getting a wire from the front blinkers or getting a splitter (e.g. Customtronix).

Actually its not that expensive, the homologisation (is that right?) with all the paperwork is about 1500 Euros. If you are more then 2 years in the US, own the car 6 months before the move and one year after you don't have to pay taxes and customs. So transport is the only added costs. You lose the warranty though.
By the way, GC V6 Laredo 4x2 starts with 33k Euros (42k $). So it is a deal.


Angel 01-30-2012 01:56 PM

Re: Exporting my 2010 WK2 to Germany
Thank you guys for all the feedback. I decided to go through 'uscars24'. They do everything including picking up the car at your driveway for shipping.

@ENFORCER: car cost me here $35T and costs in Germany around $55T still a worthwhile investment.

Take care

Suther 02-03-2012 06:19 PM


All the best for your move and getting the Jeep adapted. I would greatly appreciate if you could post on how it went or PM me. I am having a frat time here, but the end will come and therefore the adaption of the GC as well.

Take care

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