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clodbahls 01-28-2012 10:57 AM

Gratting noise
G'day all. New user here and would appreciate some advise. I am new to Jeeps periods and so far highly pleased. I have a 99 wj limited 4.7 4x4 quadra select 247 transfer n 3.73 dana 44 rear and 30(?0) front. K/n air intake front wrap style push bar w/ kc lights, all else stock and only 110K miles and very well kept. Have been going through tsb's and conducting advised fixes. My question z- After vehicle z warm when I lightly accelerate there is a grattin,grinding,rattling noise during the first two upshifts but not from 3rd to fourth, it first seemed to eminate from transfer. I performed the suggested change of transfer fluid from atf 4 to the chrysler fluid the tsb suggested. Still there. Wondering if from rear end. Now mind you when I apply gas with any urgency at all the noise is not there. any suggestions?

Ps appoligize for long first post just wanted to fully describe situation.
thanx again.

Frango100 01-28-2012 04:44 PM

Re: Gratting noise
Welcome to the garage.
Is your jeep Quadra drive or Quadra trac?
Don't know if the diff fluid was changed recently, but i would start from there. If it was changed and you have Quadra drive, you need limited slip additive in it.
If your T-case still had the ATF +4 in it, then it was not changed for a looooong time probably. Did you see any debris in the old fluid? ATF +4 in the T-case was causing clutch chatter, but already end 1999 they changed to the "special"MOPAR fluid (which is in fact MOBIL 424)
If T-case fluid and diff fluid was clean, i would do a service on the transmission. (change fluid and both filters)
I also would check the propeller shaft CV-joints or U-joints.

clodbahls 01-28-2012 07:01 PM

Re: Gratting noise
Thanx for reply. No metal of any type n transfer fluid. It is a Quadra Trac 2. I'm pretty sure the diff hasnt been changed. It was a one owner and think just drove when needed for winter and hunting/fishing. Gonna do both differentials and trany fluid (filter for trany) next weekend, Was just curious if there is something I should pay particular attention to. When changing fluid on transfer I did the normal inspec of u joints. seems ok good an tight with no movement. We'll see what happens. I notice you have the 4.7 also. I was thinkn of installing a airaid t body spacer. curious as to wether it would help the cold air work more effeciantly. Also would having custom dual exhaust installed effect the backpressure n loose torque?? :confused:

Frango100 01-28-2012 09:35 PM

Re: Gratting noise
The 5-45RFE tranny uses 2 filters, a round spin-on cooler return filter and an oval inlet filter. Both are inside the trannypan. Take care when installing the new oval filter, the seal should be placed in the pump inlet first and completely seated with the help of the buttend of a hammer for example, and then the filter can be installed. Not obeying this, could result in a disconnected filter and no fluid to the pump, with eventual further tranny damage. Also take care to have the right tool to remove the spin-on filter, it can be quite fixed in place.
Regarding your other questions, i canīt help you. You could maybe also ask this in the WJ section.

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