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clodbahls 01-29-2012 10:01 AM

noise from diff??
G'day all. New user here and would appreciate some advise. I am new to Jeeps periods and so far highly pleased. I have a 99 wj limited 4.7 4x4 quadra select 247 transfer n 3.73 dana 44 rear and 30(?0) front. K/n air intake front wrap style push bar w/ kc lights, all else stock and only 110K miles and very well kept. Have been going through tsb's and conducting advised fixes. My question z- After vehicle z warm when I lightly accelerate there is a grattin,grinding,rattling noise during the first two upshifts but not from 3rd to fourth, it first seemed to eminate from transfer. I performed the suggested change of transfer fluid from atf 4 to the chrysler fluid the tsb suggested. Still there. Wondering if from rear end. Now mind you when I apply gas with any urgency at all the noise is not there. any suggestions?

Ps appoligize for long first post just wanted to fully describe situation.
thanx again

Scottina06 01-29-2012 11:15 AM

Re: noise from diff??
very hard to diagnose noises on the net. It could be something as simple as something loose under your jeep to a bad tansfer case

Me Fix 01-29-2012 03:13 PM

Re: noise from diff??
Yes, it is very hard to help someone with a noise because it can come from so many different things. I just delt with a noise which was coming from the front. At first I wondered if it was a u joint, but after everything I did, I found out I had some loose lug nuts with one still pretty tight. The loose ones allowed the wheel a small amount of movement around the bolt holes which caused the rubbing sound i was hearing. I was lucky for several reasons. No expense to speak of and I found it before the wheel came off.

Do some reading about your drive system and know what type axle you have both front and back. My Jeep has Quadra Drive which is on all the time. There are many components that can give vibration and noise. CV Joints, Hub Bearings, Axle bearings, and u joints on the drive shaft. There are also at least 3 types of front drive shafts, all of which are different as far as u joints. Any of these components can give chatter, squeeks and vibration. Sometimes only when under strain. The right lubricants are important as well, especially when you own something you got used.

If you can better discribe the sounds, keep us informed. Someone will see your response and will help you target the problem.

clodbahls 01-29-2012 03:44 PM

Re: noise from diff??
I would say more of a rough/grinding and only during upshifts from 2nd to 3rd at light accelleration. I can also feel it in shifter and seat> not real pronounced<. I can tell it is deffinately coming from rear. If i give any more acceleration it does not happen. Also it doesnt do it when cold. Gonna service differentials. They r d44 rear d30 front with Quadra trac 2. I refered to wj jeeps on tsbNO: 21-09-99
SUBJECT: NV 247 Transfer Case Shudder.

But still there. Thanx for advisement. Gonna take to jeep service tech if lubricant change doesnt help>

Me Fix 01-30-2012 08:56 AM

Re: noise from diff??
Has the transmission fluid ever been changed? Does it smell burnt? Does it look red or perhaps very dark red or brown per your dip stick? With over 100,000 miles, it might be a good idea to change the fluid and filters inside the trans. By pulling the pan to do this, it will give you an opportunity to see a possible build up of worn parts or bands. I have read where some models you can adjust the bands from outside the trans. I have never done this, but I did read about it while I owned my first Jeep Grand Cherokee, a 1996 model.

I also watched a You Tube video of a guy using a vibration monator to help find a problem at a service garage. I think they had a dyno machine that allowed them to strap the car down to the rollers that applied pressure to the wheels as the car was driven on the stand. I have had my Jeep running on jack stands before, but that is so different from driving down the road. No strain on the drivetrain that way!

It sounds like you are doing the best things first. The need for changing the fluids is not a waste of money or time. If that doesn't work or help you find the problem, you will have at least done things that need to be done anyway.

clodbahls 01-30-2012 10:02 PM

Re: noise from diff??
Thanx for response. I didnt mention it but I am gonna change fluid and filter n tranny at same time. The fluid is good n red with no off coloration, nor burn smell. I figure the same . . . it may not fix problem but good maintenance always keeps more problems from arrising. The band adjustment availability ended with 98 accordinging to haynes manual.

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