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startech01 01-31-2012 11:16 AM

Jeep CRD, No Power or fault codes, Oh dear!

I am new to the Jeep forum so please bare with me :)

I have a 2006 Grand Cherokee CRD, but there is no power, the car has power up to 2000 rpm and then the engine would jolt and it fells like its about to stall, sometimes it would go into limp mode. So I sent it to my local garage and he plugged in his ECU reader but there was no fault codes or obvious problems. He has replaced the swirl valve and electronic turbo actuator and the Jeep runs better but its still not perfect. Me and my mechanic are running out of ideas :confused:

If anybody has any ideas or has heard of this problem then it would be greatly appreciated.


dr.lee.baugh 02-10-2012 11:57 AM

Re: Jeep CRD, No Power or fault codes, Oh dear!
Was the battery disconnected between when the transmission went in to Limp Mode and when your mechanic tried to pull codes?

If not, there shold be some DTC code set whenever the transmission detects a problem that would cause it to go into limp mode. If your mechanic can not pull those codes, I would suggest trying a different mechanic.

Has anyone tried logging data as the problem is occurring? If there are no DTCs stored, that would be the next step to see what if any modules are not functioning properly.

At times I long for the power and efficiency of the diesel...but suspect finding really good people to work on them often takes a while!

0l1v3r 12-14-2012 04:43 PM

Re: Jeep CRD, No Power or fault codes, Oh dear!
My problem exactly ! Any resolution on this one ?

0l1v3r 01-10-2013 02:07 PM

In the end my turbo was blown ...

Chrali 01-10-2013 05:18 PM

Re: Jeep CRD, No Power or fault codes, Oh dear!
Ouch....what's the mileage on your Jeep?

0l1v3r 01-28-2013 12:41 PM

It had 210000km on. Problem was sludge in the sump causing the oil pickup to fail, hence no oil to turbo ...

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