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Andrew 10-28-2009 04:49 PM

My door molding gone wrong!
Okay so once I got off work, I went on over to the car wash. The Hand Held ones.

I'm washing my Jeep, and I get to the Rear door molding, I washed it back and forth, and the paint just ****ing comes off. Part of it, towards the top molding. I literally stopped what i was doing, my jaw dropped and just starred at it, as if i were dreaming. Are you SERIOUS?

I'm having a talk to this guy, this paint shouldnt be coming off when I wash my vehicle. I mean, come on.

What am I suppose to do? lol.

I contact him thru email today.
He does great work, but It needs to handle a wash.

HEMIBeast 10-28-2009 04:52 PM

Re: My door molding gone wrong!
Damn drew, that sucks to hear. Hopefully you get it resolved soon.

Andrew 10-28-2009 05:02 PM

Re: My door molding gone wrong!
Oh I will trust me. :)
Free paint job on it.

The sucky part is, I can't reuse what i have, they have this sticky 3M tape on the bottom part of the molding, and snap-ons on the top. So it's useless once i take it off.

Vinnysrt8 10-28-2009 05:07 PM

Re: My door molding gone wrong!
wow that sucks

dreamer1213 10-28-2009 05:31 PM

Re: My door molding gone wrong!
So you put a pressure washer to that side molding??! You have to be REALLY, REALLY careful with freshly painted stuff...a pressure washer can strip paint right off a plastic bumper or side skirt..

Perhaps something happended when I primed it...

Dylans3960ccs 11-01-2009 03:52 PM

Re: My door molding gone wrong!
^^ YoU PAINTED IT :eek:

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