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readingbabelfish 02-08-2012 04:00 AM

Oil in wheel well!!??
Hello, I have a 2007 laredo with 30k on it. I noticed 3 drops of what looks like oil on my garage floor. However, the oil was directly in line with the drivers side tire tracks. When my wife returned with the jeep, I looked at the wheel area and discovered there was an oily film covering the outer area of the wheel well. It looks as though it was flung all over from the wheel. However, there was nothing on either the tire or on the rim itself. It was flung all over the molding trim on the drivers side all the way to the rear of the jeep. It flung up on the quarter panels of the doors also. I cannot find any leaks, all levels are good, brake, oil, and powersteering. It seems like an awfully lot of oil to have driven through to be able to sling that much of it. Maybe there is a pinhole leak in a line somewhere? I just do not see anything that could be leaking. All the lines are dry, its just all over the outer wheel well plastic and down the drivers side and undercarriage of the car. Does anyone have any ideas what I should check? Thanks a ton!

dr.lee.baugh 02-08-2012 09:23 AM

Re: Oil in wheel well!!??
If you are sure all of the the other fluids are fine, I would suggest perhaps the axle shaft seal? You can check the fluid level in the front diff and see if it is loosing anything - though it is often hard to tell...a little gear oil goes along way if it is spraying down the side of your Jeep!

What did the fluid smell like? Gear oil, power steering fluid, motor oil, transmission fluid, and coolant all have a distinct smell. You should be able to tell the fluid type by giving it a good sniff!

jlewissystem 02-08-2012 09:28 AM

Re: Oil in wheel well!!??
Stumbled upon something similar recently: turns out the brake (connector) needed replacing - so a new drivers side brake-line. Easy-peasy......but we did notice a smell and the entire wheel well was almost lined. As stated above, check boots and lines......either you ran through something or there is a leak.

readingbabelfish 02-09-2012 12:18 AM

Re: Oil in wheel well!!??
Thanks! I appreciate the replies. I cleaned it all up and the wife took it to work today and there is nothing at all! When I first inspected it, I'm pretty sure it was motor oil... It's odd that it only got on the outer plastic of the wheel well, there was nothing on the tire, nothing on the rim at all... I'm believing (and hoping) that she or I must have driven through something. I looked at everything really well today and could find absolutely nothing leaking. I will definintely be checking for anything in the next few days!

dr.lee.baugh 02-09-2012 11:59 AM

Re: Oil in wheel well!!??
Glad things seemed to have worked out.

If the vehicle had been driven through something, chances are this would not show on the tires as they would have been wiped clean by making contact with the road.

Of course, unless your wife is a real bad driver :eek:, the other surfaces you mention should not be in contact with anything and the residue would remain until you wiped it down.

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