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Big Bad Bill 02-08-2012 04:57 AM

Can i fit heated seats to another Vehicle
Hi there,I need your help and advice

I have got myself a set of front seats from what i think is a 2004 Grand Cherokee and want to fit them in my VW T4 Transporter.
they are leather and i think 10 position... i figured out how to get the seat adjustment working easy enough but i would like to get the heated seat part working too.
I have the module that is under the drivers seat and still have to get the low/high/off switches from the switches from the jeep.
what i am wondering is there a way to bypass the Communications Interface PCI ?
i found this site which lead me here

i got this from wjjeeps site


Heated seat switches

The heated seat switches are mounted in the instrument panel center lower bezel, which is located near the bottom of the instrument panel center stack. The two three-position rocker-type switches, one switch for each front seat, provide a resistor multiplexed signal to the Body Control Module (BCM) through separate hard wired circuits.

Each switch has an Off, Low, and High position so that both the driver and the front seat passenger can select a preferred seat heating mode. Each switch has two Light-Emitting Diodes (LED), one each for the Low position and the High position, which light to indicate that the heater for the seat that the switch controls is turned on. Each switch is also back lit by a replaceable incandescent bulb.

The heated seat switches and their LEDs cannot be repaired. If either switch or LED is faulty or damaged, the entire switch unit must be replaced. The incandescent switch illumination bulb and bulb holder units are available for service replacement.

The heated seat system also relies upon resources shared with other electronic modules in the vehicle over the Programmable Communications Interface (PCI) data bus network. The PCI data bus network allows the sharing of sensor information. This helps to reduce wire harness complexity, internal controller hardware, and component sensor current loads.

Heated seat operation

There are three positions that can be selected with each of the heated seat switches: Off, Low, or High. When the top of the switch rocker is fully depressed, the High position is selected and the high position LED indicator illuminates. When the bottom of the switch rocker is fully depressed, the Low position is selected and the low position LED indicator illuminates. When the switch rocker is moved to its neutral position, Off is selected and both LED indicators are extinguished.

Both switches provide separate resistor multiplexed hard wire inputs to the BCM to indicate the selected switch position. The BCM monitors the switch inputs and sends heated seat switch status messages to the Heated Seat Module (HSM) or the Memory Heated Seat Module (MHSM) over the Programmable Communications Interface (PCI) data bus. The HSM or MHSM responds to the heated seat switch status messages by controlling the output to the seat heater elements of the selected seat. The Low heat position set point is about 97 F (36 C), and the High heat position set point is about 105 F (41 C).
I am wondering if i can't get them working without the PCI can they be wired another more simple way with different switches etc

Any advice would be gratefully received :)

Big Bad Bill 02-09-2012 04:05 AM

Re: Can i fit heated seats to another Vehicle
Just a Bump to see if anyone has any ideas or could point me in a direction that may help me.

basically I want to know can the electronics module be by-pased..

Also should i maybe post this question in another section that be more suited to my query ?

brandont 02-09-2012 06:49 AM

This forum is for 2011+ Jeeps that are having some kind of problem. So you may get better responses in a more general forum, one dedicated to interior / modification, or at least one for the 2004 Jeep. The electronics and physical design are completely different from 2011 on.

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