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GTREVINOWK2 02-09-2012 12:48 AM

Another nvh issue - clicking/snapping/rattle front doors
Only 2000 kms... Driveability is awesome, loving the 5.7L hemi, small issue noted wife was driving and heard noises from front door covers as if plastics and the foam covered with "leather" is coming apart... Very difficult to explain, i checked both doors and another wk2 gc from a friend...issue present on both, also noise from the window switch assy to the door panel pocket...

Potential solution: NVH foam tape from 3m, will try this weekend

Bit of dissapointment of this rattles coming from a 40k+ vehicle...
Still happy with the overal results so far... Not major issue but i believe is worth mentioning

bigpanda 02-09-2012 08:57 AM

Re: Another nvh issue - clicking/snapping/rattle front doors
Yeah, get used to it. Not happy with build quality. For front door noise, I had to put some foam into tweeter area. And some more to behind door panel.

SixZeroFour 02-11-2012 08:27 PM

Re: Another nvh issue - clicking/snapping/rattle front doors
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Originally Posted by GTREVINOWK2 (Post 570366)
also noise from the window switch assy to the door panel pocket

I'm OCD about squeaks and this one was driving me crazy as my knee rests against the door card when I drive. I did end up fixing it and although its a bit ghetto I would rather go this route than have the dealership rip it all apart and try to figure it out.

1) Pry out the window switch assembly with your fingertips
2) Disconnect wire harness and remove assembly to make it easier to work on
3) There are 4 shiny metal tabs on the switch assembly that provide the pressure fit - wrap these in green painters tape. The metal rubs against the leather and can cause a squeak esp if you use a leather conditioner or treatment.
4) On the outer lip of the switch assembly I also used double sided 3M tape but only peeled one side off. Cut one strip about 6" long and then cut that strip into 4 skinny 1/8" strips. The plastic also seems to rub on the leather causing additional squeaks.
5) Press switch assembly back into place

That did it for me and I now have my squeak and rattle free ride back. Can't see a thing once it's re-installed.

Next up I'm going to try to make a cold air intake out of duc tape. Stay tuned.

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