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Blueflame1979 02-09-2012 07:33 AM

looking for a deal on a good new or rebuilt rack and pinion
first, I want to ask if the steering wheel is loose is it due to a worn rack? I had an alignment done not too long ago, it kinda fixed it but it's still loose.

If that's the case any Online or any suggestions welcomed where to get a good rack and pinion.

2005JGC 02-09-2012 11:00 AM

Re: looking for a deal on a good new or rebuilt rack and pinion
I would lean more towards worn inner or outer tie rod ends and even crappy tires can cause this feeling too . If you stand beside your driver door with the window down and gently rock the wheel back and fourth watch the wheel (not the tire) for movement, if it is following precisely as you turn the wheel the problem likely lies in the tires, obviously you want to inspect the tie rod ends as you may have one worn on the passengers side. Technically with an alignment the tie rod ends should have been checked, this way the alignment would be performed properly plus the up sell would be money in the bank a + all around but it may have simply been thrown on the rack and had an alignment slammed out.

Also, I have yet to replace one on a WK but it is bound to wear out eventually (note, I also live in Portland, Or, no road salt, no salty coast air so these may be a common failure in tougher areas) the intermediate shaft connecting the steering column to the steering rack has 2 universal joints in it and these can wear, you would be surprised what a mm of play in one of these joints will translate to in road feel.

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