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bmrisko 02-09-2012 07:33 PM

Need Help w/ Paint Chip Repair
The lower front bumper was attacked by a clump of clay/gravel that flew off a truck while going down the road today. I have cleaned off all the clay and what is left are chips down to the primer/plastic. I have some touch-up paint on the way (True Blue finally started hitting shelves) and was wondering the best way to make this repair look decent. I have an assortment of compounds, polishes, wax, as well as a DA buffer w/ assorted pads, so I am not worried about the final clean-up processes. However, I do not have much experience using touch-up and having it come out looking good. I realize some wet sanding may be involved with very fine paper, but aside from that, can anyone please provide me with some tips or instructions? Is it worth adding clear coat back on top and how would that process go? Thanks in advance! :thumbsup: Also, I had been putting off getting a clear bra, but I may go ahead and add that. I just need to find a reputable shop that is a little cheaper than $800!

I've found some good info here, but of course other tips are greatly appreciated!

J13ntv 02-10-2012 10:30 PM

Re: Need Help w/ Paint Chip Repair
Im not a professional, just a normal guy who tried to fix my door nick when the corner flew open and hit the wheelbarrow. I think it came out good, considering it was down to the metal, dime size. Yes I wet sanded, 3000 grit I picked some up from a local body shop, and I think I also picked up 2000 or maybe it was 2500 from pepboys, they didn't have 3000.

I used the mopar touch up bottle/brush. Did primer first since it was down to the metal, may not be necessary on yours since its plastic bumper. Did many coats.. Like 10 maybe? If you just try to blop a bunch on it will look like crap, so I did many small layers until it was above the surrounding paint that way I could wet sand down the chip to try to get it flush/level with the surrounding paint. It was small enough that I didn't use clear coat even though I bought it.. Take your time and be patient and it should come out ok. I used Meguiars swirl remover after I was done wet sanding. The wet sand really messes up the clear coat, but the swirl remover brought it back to a mirror finish, I was skeptical it would work, but surprised.. :lol: Be careful the clear coat on the car isn't very thick... I took it down a little to much in one spot by accident and before I knew it I was back to metal in a thin area.. :/ Luckily this was all on the lower corner of the door so its not very visible to begin with. Best of luck and maybe others with painting experience can chime in, however else you want a 500-1000 bill to have it repainted at the body shop your probably your best bet.. Worst that happens? You pay to get it fixed professionally.. haha ;)

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