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dahuibra 02-13-2012 01:25 AM

Rear DVD not VES, got the runaround?

I wanted to ask you all if you experienced this? My wife just recently bought a 2012 JGC Limited 4x4 V6 with all the options minus air suspension. I have been deployed (Afghanistan) so she bought this all on her own, it seems the dealer may have misrepresented the option of the VES/Rear DVD entertainment. She wanted the rear entertainment and the dealer promised to have it installed, the Jeep did not come from the factory this way, but they mentioned all the tech that the rear DVD should have as in Sat-TV and integration with the front head unit. This Jeep was also bought unseen as it had to be shipped from another dealer, seems that Jeep sells more lower models than limiteds and overlands. As you can see in the picture we got a stand alone unit. My question, is the VES with the SAT-TV and Head unit integration a possible item to be installed at the dealer and if not that would be the reason why we received/paid for this item in the photo? I think we have the 430N head unit. Looks like we paid for some Audiovox type unit.


plynn7 02-13-2012 08:41 AM

Re: Rear DVD not VES, got the runaround?
I am not sure about aftermarket installs, but I can tell you that the factory set up is intergrated in to the headunit as well as the Siruis sat tv, the DVD's go in the headunit, everything is controlled by the Headunit or the included remote, it also comes with headphones, so you can listen to music and have the kids watch tv via the headphone at the same time. The sat tv only gives you three channels anyway. NIck, Cartoon Network and Disney, not worth the extra $11 a month from Sirius, so I canceled it after the free trial.

Revelation78 02-13-2012 09:38 AM

Re: Rear DVD not VES, got the runaround?
They went to a local car audio place and had an aftermarket installed - I have no doubt in my mind. You first need to ask yourself if it meets your needs. Does it do everything you thought it would do, i.e. integrate into the head unit.

I can tell you, dealers will not order factory parts and install them when you are talking about something as complex as a Rear Entertainment System. You paid for it, because they sold it to your wife on the premise that she would buy the car if one were to be installed.

*IF* your wife knows that she was promised it would work like the factory unit, i.e. integration, you can cause a lot of headaches for the dealership if you so chose. My big concern would be warranty coverage... When that thing breaks, and it will, you will be footing the bill for a new one, including labor. After market units usually only have a 1 year MFG warranty on them.

Was she promised that the vehicle's warranty covered this unit? Was she sold an extended warranty under the premise that it covered this unit. I've seen dealerships install aftermarket electronics, sell the extended warranty due to these added electronics, and short change the consumer when they have an issue later down the road.

That's why when it comes to electronics, unless I can service and install it myself, it HAS to come installed from the factory.

bkwbkw 02-13-2012 11:05 AM

Re: Rear DVD not VES, got the runaround?
VES and overhead can be used if you get a lockpick.

Within the harness of the lockpick theres a VES output and on the brain theres an AUX inputs - if you wish to play the audio from the DVD player within the overhead over your speakers (bypassing the FM modulator, which I'd bet is the way this is connected).

This way you can play DVD's on your 430N and have the video up on the overhead, AND if you choose to, play a DVD on your overhead and have the audio/video play on your stock speakers. If you opt for the CHR550, you can play videos from your apple device too.

I'd bet that whomever your dealer contracted to do the work can install the lockpick easily. The only difficult thing for your wife would be to learn how to navigate the lockpick menus >> not really hard at all if you know which mode you need to have enabled,

dahuibra 02-13-2012 11:45 AM

Re: Rear DVD not VES, got the runaround?
Thanks for all the info! Where can i get a lockpick? Just found out she has the 730n.

bkwbkw 02-13-2012 12:22 PM

Re: Rear DVD not VES, got the runaround?
Coastal, but they can be found cheaper. However, stay away from 12volt4... on eBay.

dahuibra 02-17-2012 10:50 AM

Re: Rear DVD not VES, got the runaround?
How about the Sat-TV (the 3 channels,sirius tv), is that a stand alone system or is it part of the head unit, i have the 730n.

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