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Maverick6805 02-13-2012 06:37 PM

Virgin lifter needs HELP.....
Hello all, I have some questions for all you genius' on here(no sarcasm intended). I want to put on a 3" lift on my WJ GC Limited. My first time lifting a Jeep or anything for that matter. I know there are a ton of posts on here, and I think I know everything I need to do. Heres my shopping list so far; IRO 3" lift kit, addco rear sway bar with greasable bushings, Steering stabilizer, aux SS kit, adjustable track bar. Here are my questions; 1- Do I need a custom front drive shaft, and what about the rear? 2- Do I need a longer steering stabilizer, or just a beefed up OEM replacement? I plan on putting an aux SS kit on as well. 3- Should I stick with the shocks supplied in the lift kit or upgrade them to Bilsteins or other? 4- Do I need to have the speedo recalibrated? 5- Is there anything else I am overlooking? My MAIN focus is to get my WJ a little higher without sacrificing a whole lot of durability. I know ill lose fuel mileage, have to replace ball joints, and other things, but what about transmission, axles, differentials and such. Itll be on rough terrain only once in awhile(camping, fishing, etc.), and is primarily a family vehicle/everyday driver (at least until my fiancee gets a bigger vehicle to tote the kids around in) Ill be honest its more for looks than anything, and when it snows.... my favorite time to have a 4X4. the tires im looking at are Yokohama Geolander 265/70/17 or equivalent size, and I have 16" rims for the snow tires I want to get(seasonal), but ill go a little smaller if its going to hurt the durability of the vehicle. You dont know how much Id appreciate it....

cheapjeep 02-16-2012 07:29 PM

Re: Virgin lifter needs HELP.....
1.At 3" the front and rear drive shafts should be fine especially if the front one is the u joint type.
2.1 good steering stabilizer would be fine
3.I'd upgrade to the nitro version of the IRO shocks for now and get everything put together and drive it for a while. If you go Bilsteins with 3" of lift they are either too short or too long.Too long is better for articulation but creates a lot more work.
4.Your speedo is gonna read somewhere around 5 mph slow maybe a little more.
5.Just make sure you get the adjustable track bar upgrade. You'll need to get the axle centered under the front

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